There's a Fire In The Northwestern World!

DJ Vollkasko's annual Northwestern radio show, chock-full with amazing artists from Bellingham, Wa., all around the Puget Sound, Seattle and Portland, Oregon.

superstar rotation. Where there is smoke, there is fire.(TM)

1   Ben von Wildenhaus The Space Between
2   Ivy Ross Ricci Everybody wins, everybody loses
3   Ivy Ross Ricci Seaview Approach
4   Smooth Kiwi Fast Mystery [Instrumental]
5   Last Waves 4U
6   Danny Denial Everything is terrible
7   Danny Denial Totally fucked up
8   Danny Denial Scorpio Eyes
9   Your Heart Breaks Cold Stares / Summertime [Cover Solvents]
10   Creampuff Cowboys Broken Things
11   Creampuff Cowboys Hill Church Wall
12   Jenny Don't and the Spurs Mr. Fire Eyes [Cover Bonny Guitar}
13   Tommy Ray! No Better than This
14   Tommy Ray! Coming Back
15   Low Hums Ghost Babe
16   Low Hums Supernova
17   Low Hums Cosmic Fruit
18   L0rd Lumpia feat. wltv blanchard [Instrumental]
19   L0rd Lumpia feat. nobuddy crowded beach [Instrumental]
20   Voluptuous Panic Sun Is Shining
21   Voluptuous Panic Paris Rêve
22   Portland Cello Project Christian Brothers [Cover Elliott Smith]
23   Boris Budd Unreal Estate
24   Boris Budd Capitalism Capitalize
25   LipStitch Resolution
26   LipStitch What's Next
27   Von Wildenhaus Working on my novel
28   Von Wildenhaus Farewell