Merry Whatever 2020!

Ho Ho… Ho, oh boy. This year was a lot. But at least we won’t ever forget it, right?

Anyway, it’s almost over and it looks like we'll make it. As usual, DJ Vollkasko has a special selection of seasonal songs for you to sit around, eat a sugarplum, sip some libations and obsess about rising Covid-19 incidence numbers in your town.

It's okay to feel sad or angry these days, what with all that's happened and all that's still going on. But don't get stuck with that, things will change for the better. Hang in there. Stay healthy and safe, and let’s keep our fingers crossed for a safer and saner 2021.

Social distanced hugs and best wishes to you and yours from your pals at superstar rotation!


1   Phil Awful and The Experiments Merry Christmas?   2020
2   Meiko This Year Can Kiss My Ass   2020
3   Blatant Blob Feeling Called Melancholy   2016
4   Great Lake Swimmers Gonna Make It Through This Year   2020
5   Randolph's Leap Stay Away This Christmas   2020
6   Crocodiles Christmas In Hell   2020
7   Goddammit Jeremiah What If Santa Claus Is Just 20 Ferrets In A Red Suit?   2019
8   Bob 4 Apples Nobody Cares That You Don't Care About Christmas   2018
9   By Surprise No Mistletoe   2008
10   Beth Ditto Every Day Is Christmas With You   2012
11   Spanish Freely Nervous Xmas   2019
12   Jenny Don't & The Spurs Holiday Tears   2017
13   Aspiga Shortest Christmas List   2013
14   Pony Death Ride Christmas   2019
15   Vista Blue I Want New Ramones Songs (For Christmas)   2019
16   Thom Stone Merry Christmas (What a Hell of a Year)   2020
17   Santa's Little Helper The War On Christmas   2018
18   Goddammit Jeremiah No War on Christmas   2019
19   they is they is they is Your Kind of White Christmas Sucks   2020
20   Cherry Ghost Blue Christmas   2020
21   Niagara Balls Merry Christmas (Let's Turn Off The News)   2015
22   Delightful Young Man I Wanna Be A Snowflake   2011
23   Laurence Made Me Cry It's Not You, It's Christmas   2017
24   Creature Comfort Christmas In Quarantine   2020
25   Gang Clouds Let's Spend Christmas In Our Bed   2018
26   Goddammit Jeremiah Sick at Christmas   2019
27   Charlotte Carpenter Cheer   2019
28   Kristian Noel Pedersen Everything's The Same Except It Isn't   2020
29   Clumsy Lovers Here's To Christmas   2013
30   The ABC Jugband A Change At Christmas (Say It Isn't So)   2015
31   The Magnetic Fields Everything is One Big Christmas Tree   2018
32   Edwin Mathew Zoom Zoom Christmas   2020
33   Whyte Horses Next Year Will Be Mine   2019
34   Quiet Company Merry Christmas, the President is Terrible   2018