Green in the Face!

St Patrick's Day 2013 auf radio x, mit DJ Vollkasko an der Getränkeausgabe

Ah, Irland! Ponys in Hochhäusern, Heilige, die erst Schlangen vertreiben (Anti-Biodiversity!), danach die Nachbarn missionieren, die dann wieder durch die Gegend laufen und andere Leute missionieren, und dazwischen über Torf destillierte hochgeistige Flüssigkeiten oder mit gerösteter Gerste verfertigte Brauerzeugnisse konsumieren, bevor sie ihre Tin Whistles raus holen und ein paar deprimierende Folk Songs zwitschern und singen, in einer Sprache, die außer Schotten niemand versteht.

Genau so sieht das vielleicht in deinem Pub aus--in der superstar rotation klingt das anders! (Die Getränke bleiben.)

The Pogues             Wild Cats Of Kilkenny [Instrumental]   1985
Taste (feat. Rory Gallagher)   Blister On The Moon   1968
Them (feat. Van Morrision)    Gloria   1964
Thin Lizzy                 The Rocker   1973
Van Morrison            Hey Mr. DJ   2002
Jape                           Floating   2004
The Pogues               The Old Main Drag    1985
The Undertones (feat. Feargal Sharkey)  True Confessions  1978
Hooray For Humans               Signature    2008
Toby Kaar                   Bread    2009
The Natural History Museum  Billy Pilgrim    2009
The Rye                     Up Where The Winds Blows    2009
The Pogues                Sally Maclennane     1985
Project 77                   1877    2009
Melodica Deathship    Dub 13    2009
Concerned Parasites Ubh Korka Gweena versus Liam Ó Muir     Tairseacha   2009
Brian Cullen's Love Bullets      Killing for Company    2008
Crayonsmith                Lost In The Forest    2008
Groom Mythical           Creatures    2008
Pamela & The Trouble Is         Curious Cat    2009
James O'Connor with Audrey Trainor     Always    2009
Van Morrison               Crazy Love    1970
Hooray For Humans    Anxious [Crayonsmith Cover]    2008
Crayonsmith                Lock In [Vinny Club Remix]    2008
Jape                             Always Knew    2004
Windings                     Song Of The Doomed [Demo]   2008
Van Morrison               The Big Royalty Check    1968
Groom                         Death of a Songwriter    2008
Jape                            How Much Light    2004
Van Morrison               Jackie Wilson Said (I'm In Heaven When You Smile)   1972
Van Morrison               Brown Eyed Girl    1967
Thin Lizzy                    Jailbreak   1976
Them                           Here Comes The Night  1965
Taste                            Hail   1969
The Pogues                 The Parting Glass   1985

Superstar Rotation mit Josef Bercek am Mikrofon
März 2013 - Sonntag 10.03.13

Experimental German Rock and Electronic Musik 1967 - 1985 - Krautrock

01. Can - Mother Sky (Pilooski Edit)
02. Kraftwerk - Tanzmusik
03. Organisation - Milk Rock
04. Neu - Hero
05. Cluster - Nabitte
06. Kluster - Klopfzeichen 1 (Auszüge)
07. Conrad Schnitzler & Wolf Sequenza - Fata Morgana
08. Conrad Schnitzler - Auf dem schwarzen Kanal
09. Moebius & Plank - News
10. Klaus Schulze - Frank Herbert (Auszüge)
11. Faust - It´s a rainy day sunshine girl
12. Can - Halleluwah
13. Harmonia 76 - Vamos Companeros
14. Amon Düül II - Archangel Thunderbird
15. Siloah - Stony
16. Kalacakra - Nearby Shiras
17. Electric Sandwich - China (Single Version)
18. Kraftwerk - Radioaktivität (Single Version)
19. Tangerine Dream - Phaedra (Auszüge)
20. Popol Vuh - In den Gärten Pharaohs (Moritz von Oswald Edit)

 Playlist vom 24.02.2013 mit Angela und Andreas Wörner

Cody Chesnutt : - Ive Been Life – Don´t Wanna Go The Other Way – Where Is All The Money Going?

The Schwarzenbach : - Buddhistin Mit Zeitjob – Arme Handwerkerin

Anxieteam (with Jim Avignon) : - Anxieteam – Let´s Get Bored – Let´s Eat Soya – Lonely In the Digital World

Tomahawk (with Mike Patton) : - Stone Letter – South Paw – Choke Neck

Eels :  – Bombs Away – Kinda Fuzzy – That´s Not Really Funny (Live) – New Alphabet

Holly Golightly And The Brokeoffs : - Goddamn Holy Roll – They Say

Neil Young : - Jesus´Chariot – This Land Is Your Land – She´s Always Dancing – Psychedelic Pill

State Of Grace (with BPB) : - Angels Gone Before – State Of Grace – Back In The Day

Pantha Du Prince : - Photon

Superstar Rotation mit Josef Bercek am Mikrofon
Februar 2013 - Sonntag 10.02.13

The rest of the best of 2012 - Resterampe 2012

01. Moritz von Oswald Trio - Dark (Album: "Fetch")
02. Josephine Foster - Child of god ("Blood Rushing")
03. Josephine Foster - Geyser ("Blood Rushing")
04. Sun Araw, M Geddes The Congos - Invocation ("FRKWYS Vol. 9 Icon... ")
05. Captain Murphy - Duality ("Duality")
06. Raime - Soil and colts ("Quarter turns over a living line")
07. The Swans - Song for warrior ("The Seer")
08. Beak - Elevator ("Beak")
09. Neil Young - For the love of man ("Psychedelic Pill")
10. Ricardo Villalobos - Ferenc ("Dependent and happy")
11. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Strange baby ("Meat and Bone")
12. Solex & Martinez & Spencer - Racer X("Amsterdam throw down King...")
13. Chrome Cranks - Rubber Rat ("Ain´t no lies in blood")
14. Clinic - Miss you (Peaking Lights remix) ("Free Reign")
15. Cheater Slicks - Hold on to your soul ("Reality is a grape")
16. Goat - Det Som Aldrig Förändras Diarabi ("World music")
17. Father John Misty - Funtime in Babylon ("Fear Fun")
18. Godspeed You Black Emperor - Their helicopter´s sing ("Allelujah don´t...")
19. Ty Segall - Who are you ("Twins")
20. Ty Segall Band - Wave goodbye ("Slaughterhouse")
21. Josephine Foster & The Victor Herrero Band - Sangre Colorada ("Perlas")
22. The Caretaker - When The Dog Days Were Drawing To An End ("Patience")
23. Burial - Kindred ("Kindred")

Playlists A-Team:

27.01.2013 Angela und Andreas Wörner

Deus - Sirens – The Soft Fall – One Thing About Waves

Murder By Death - Lost River – Straight At The Sun – The Curse Of Elkhart

I Am Kloot – Hold Back The Night – Shoeless – These Days Are Mine

Jason Lytle – Dept. Of Disappearance – Matterhorn – Your Final Setting Sun

Tocotronic – Auf Dem Pfad Der Dämmerung – Lied Der Jugend – Monchichi

Flowerpornoes – Saving Grace – Chinese Inca – Gültiger Fahrschein – Schlafkönig

Villagers – Earthly Pleasure – The Waves – Nothing Arrived

Simone White – Silver Silver

23.12.2012 Best Of 2012 - Auswahl Andreas Wörner

Flowerpornoes - Chinese Inca

Kid Kopphausen - Das Leichteste Der Welt -  Meine Schwester

Fehlfarben – Glauberei

Mittekill – Ich Will Eure Jobs Nicht

Die Türen – Pop Ist Tot

Heinz Rudolf Kunze & Räuberzivil – Das Pony

Hans Söllner – Ihr Seid Alle Gleich

Willis Earl Beal – Take Me Away

Six Organs Of Admittance – One Thousand Birds

Sun Arraw, M. Geddes & The Congos – Happy Song

Two Gallants – Ride Away

The Wave Pictures – Long Black Cars

The Helio Sequence – Downward Spiral

Liars – No.1 Against The Rush

Cat Power – Ruin

Tindersticks – This Fire Autumn

Leonard Cohen – Going Home

Kesha – Don´t Think Twice, It´s Allright

Simon Joyner – Cotes Du Rhone

Iris DeMent – Sing The Delta

Cody Chesnutt – Don´t wanna Go The Other Way

Tu Fawning – Wager

Trailer Trash Tracys – Candy Girl

First Aid Kit – Emmylou

Bill Fay – There Is A Valley

Paul Buchanan – Cars In The Garden

Soulsavers – Bitterman

Beach House - Lazuli

Superstar Rotation mit Josef Bercek am Mikrofon
The very best of 2012 

Playlist der Sendung:

01. The Souljazz Orchestra - Conquering Lion
02. 2562 - Jerash Hekwerken
("Air Jordan")
03. The Oubliettes - My dreams
("Lil One-Arm")
04. Andy Stott - Luxury Problems
("Luxury Problems")
05. Bob Dylan - Duquesne Whistle
06. Blaka - Tozo
07. The Orb ft. Lee Scratch Perry - Ball of fire
("The Observer in the Star House")
08. Mark Lanegan Band - The Gravediggers Song
("Blues Funeral")
09. Bobby Womack - Stupid
("The bravest man in the universe")
10. Bobby Womack - Jubilee
("The bravest man in the universe")
11. Moon Duo - Sleepwalker
12. Björk - Crystalline (Omar Souleyman Remix)
(look for: Omar Souleyman - "The Australian Tour 2012")
13. Thee Oh Sees - So nice
("Putrifiers II")
14. Patti Smith - After the Gold Rush
15. Kendrick Lamar - Backseat freestyle
("Good Kid M.A.A.D. City")
16. Andre Williams - Dirt
("Hoods and Shades")
17. Matthew Dear - Get the rhyme right
18. Percy Mayfield - Louisiana
("V.A. - Jukebox Mambo")
19. Ty Segall & White Fence - Crybaby
20. Dr. John - Revolution
("Locked down")
21. King Lollipop - You will never find me
("Woodland Whoopee Songs of ol´ Callohwhee")
22. Can - Your friendly neighborhood whore
("The lost tapes")
23. Spiritualized - Hey Jane
("Sweet heart sweet light")

Dead Rockstars! Der Volkstrauertag der Rock 'n' Roll Nation

DJ Vollkasko, superstar rotation

And thus a dozen months passed since the last Rock 'n' Roll Memorial service, and true enough, again many excellent musicians played their last note. Here on superstar rotation, we pay our respect to those who have enriched our lives with beauty:

  • Get In The Groove (1966)--The Heptones. In memory of Barry Llewellyn (1947-2011), singer.
  • Palmistry--Tabla Beat Science, to honor Sultan Khan (1940-2011), Indian sarangi player and singer.
  • Ain't Nobody Home (1967)--Howard Tate (1939-2011), excellent gospel, soul and rhythm & blues singer.
  • Spoonful (1960)--Howlin' Wolf, in remembrance of blues singer and guitarist Hubert Sumlin (1931-2011)
  • Spill The Wine (1970)--Eric Burdon and War, in honor of Ed Roman, guitar-maker, whose instruments were played by Burdon, John Entwistle (The Who) and many others.
  • Castin' My Spell (1958--Merci Lee & Johnny Otis (1921-2012), "Godfather of Rhythm and Blues".
  • A Sunday Kind Of Love (1960)--Etta James (1938-2012), famous Chess records recording artist (blues, rhythm & blues, soul, rock, jazz).
  • It's raining men (Cover The Weather Girls)--The Yandall Sisters, to honor Mary Yandall (1950-2012), popular singer in New Zealand
  • Howzat--Sherbet, in memory of Clive Shakespeare (1949-2012), guitarist.
  • Oh Darling (Cover The Beatles)--Brit Robin Gibb (1949-2012), producer and disco/pop singer both solo and his brothers in The Bee Gees.
  • Dracula (1978)--The Jimmy Castor Bunch, in honor of Jimmy Castor (1940-2012), the funky Everything Man.
  • More, More, More (1976)--Andrea True Connection, in memory of Andrea True, adult film actress and disco goddess.
  • I'm Your Boogie Man--KC & the Sunshine Band, for Ronnie Smith (1952-2012), singer and trumpet player.
  • Gospel Crusade (1974)--Destroy All Monsters
  • I Love You But You're Dead (1976--Destroy All Monsters, for Mike Kelley, singer, percussionist and artist, and his band member Michael Davis, who was also part of Detroit's finest, MC5:
  • Kick Out The Jams (1968)--MC5
  • Poor Boy Got To Move (1965)--Allen Toussaint & The Stokes, in memory of drummer Billy Fayard (1942-2012).
  • Konjunktur Cha Cha--Hazy Osterwald Sextett, for Swiss bandleader Hazy Osterwald (1922-2012)
  • Bochihina: Canto Ostinato for 2 Theremins, Piano,and Percussion--Barbara Buchholz (1959-2012), Lydia Kavina & Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin, in memory of the German Theremin player.
  • Baby Let's Twist (1998)--The Dictators, for Ritchie Teeter, drummer (also with Twisted Sister) and singer.
  • Ladytron (1972)--Roxy Music, in honor of bass-player and original band member Graham Simpson (1943-2012)
  • Christmas Must Be Tonight (1977)--The Band, for Levon Helm (1940-2012), singer and player of drums, mandolin, banjo, bass, harmonica and guitar.
  • Older Guys--The Flying Burrito Brothers, in memory of keyboarder, bass-player and guitarist Chris Ethridge (1947-2012, also of The International Submarine Band).
  • Guns of Navarone--The Skatalites, for Jamaican Lloyd Brevett (1931-2012), who played the double bass.
  • The Sounds of Science (1989)--Beastie Boys, in recognition of Adam Yauch's (aka MCA, 1964-2012) outstanding service to contemporary music.
  • Green onions (1962)--Booker T. & The MGs, for bass legend Donald "Duck" Dunn (1941-2012, also with The Mar-Keys and  The Blues Brothers band).
  • Hot Stuff (1979)--Donna Summer (1948-2012), for turning up the heat on disco, Sound of Munich-style.
  • Shôsho Oiwake--Takeshi Terauchi and Bunnys, in honor of Yoshiyuki Suzuki (1947--2012), Japanese surf guitar legend.
  • Motörhead (1975)--Hawkwind, for space-rocking British bass-player John Harrison (1942-2012)
  • Steppers Dub (1978)--Ossie Hibert (ca. 1950-2012), Jamaican keyboard player, sound engineer and producer
  • It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels (1952)--Kitty Wells (1919-2012), guitar player and singer, America's Queen of Country Music
  • Atom Bomb (2012)--The Apples in Stereo, in memory of Bill Doss (1968-2012), singer, guitarist and keyboard-player (also with The Olivia Tremor Control).
  • We Have All The Time In The World (From "On Her Majesty's Secret Service", 1969)--Louis Armstrong, in honor of legendary lyricist Hal David (1921-2012).
  • Night Rider (1954)--James "Sugar Boy" Crawford (1934-2012), singer, trombone and piano player from New Orleans.
  • So What'cha Want (1992)--Beastie Boys, for MCA.
  • Autobahn (Cover Kraftwerk, 1999)--Fink, in grateful memory of Hamburg songwriter and painter Nils Koppruch (1965-2012).

We also remembered these fine artists:

Georg Kreisler, Hans Reichel, Kristian Schultze, Ludwig Hirsch, Bill Tapia, Mike Smith, Alan Styles, Cesaria Evora, Israel Baker, Tom Ardolino, Whitney Houston, Davy Jones, Vince Lovegrove, Jim Marshall, Andrew Love, Dick Clark, Herb Reed, Scott Johnson, Margot Werner, Perry Baggs, Greg Ham, Felix Werder, Bob Babbitt, Jon Lord, John Graham, Geoffrey Hughes, Jay Parker, Lucius Reichling, Scott McKenzie, Howard H. Scott.

Thank you all for the music.




Because the following show granted me a bit more on-air time, I've played some extra tracks for your personal memorial purposes.

What's Wrong (1953)--James "Sugar Boy" Crawford
Get It While You Can (1967)--Howard Tate
Go Back Home (1965)--Allen Toussaint & The Stokes
Something's Got A Hold On Me (1961)--Etta James
I Feel Love (1979)--Donna Summer
Intergalactic (1998)--Beastie Boys