Playlist vom 06.07.14

die Wörners heute in Vertretung für Isabell Steinhauer


The Black Keys - In time - Fever - Year in review - 10 lovers

Future Islands - Spirit - Like the moon - A dream of you & me

St. Vincent - Birth in reverse - Prince Johnny - I prefer your love

Joan As Police Woman - Good together - New year´s day - Shame

Damon Albarn - Heavy seas of love - Everyday robots - Lonely press play

Hamilton Leithauser - 5am - The silent orchestra - Alexandra - I don´t need anyone

The Felice Brothers - Bird on broken wing - Cherry licorice - Silver in the shadow

Conor Oberst - Hundreds ways - Double life - Desert island questionary

Superstar Playlists vom 22.06.2014 und 27.04.2014

das A-Team: Angela u. Andreas Wörner



Afghan Whigs - Matamoros - It kills - Algiers

The War On Drugs - Red eyes - Eyes to the wind - Burning

The Avett Brothers - Morning song - Another is waiting - Souls like the wheels - Vanity

Jonathan Wilson - Love to love - Illumination - Fazon

Humanabfall - Abgesagt - Überkatze - Psychohygiene 5 Minus - Tanztee von unten

Kreisky - Wir Unterhaltenen - Pipelines - Die Wildnis - Rinderhälften

Alte Sau - Hexenjagd - Paula Scheiße - Besitz - Das Gerede



Quasi - You can stay,but you gotta go - R.I.P. -Geraldine - An Ice Cube in the sun

Warpaint - Love is to die - Feeling alright

Wild Beasts - Mecca - Daughters - A simple beautiful truth

Neneh Cherry - Blank Project - Cynical - Out of the black

The Notwist - Close to the glass - Kong - Run Run Run

Liars - Vox tuned D.E.D. - Pro Anti Anti - Mess on

Malachai - Sweet flower - I deserve to no - Army - Down to the earth

Temples - Sun structures - Keep in the dark - A question isn´t answered

Stephen Malkmus & The Jigs - Lariat - Houston Hades



A letter for you.

DJ Vollkasko schickt dir einen musikalischen Brief, und freut sich jetzt schon auf deine Antwort!

DJ Vollkasko sends you a musical letter and is already looking forward to your reply!


Mama Rosin, featuring Mick Collins & Matt Verta-Ray    Please Mister Postman [Cover The Marvelettes]
Takeshi Terauchi      Please Mr Postman [Cover The Marvelettes]
Chris Difford, featuring Arcelia    All My Loving [Cover The Beatles]
The Quarrymen (= Beatles)        You must Write Every Day
The Wrens               She Sends Kisses
Pixies                       Letter To Memphis
PJ Harvey                The Letter
Four Chipmunks      Did You Ever Get My Letter [Cover The Liverpools]
The Liverpools         Did You Ever Get My Letter
Fellow Travellers     Nice To Hear From You
Bandrew                  Voice Mail {Spoken Word]
The Trucks              Messages
The Handsome Family                Famous Blue Raincoat [Cover Leonard Cohen]
Dame Dulce            Letter To S
Paul Baribeau         Eight Letters
Johnny Cash          Tear Stained Letter
Chuckanut Drive     The City That Took You Away
Calexico                 Letter to Bowie Knife [Live]
Cody ChesnuTT, featuring Gary Clark Jr.    Gunpowder on the Letter
The Chi-Lites          A Letter to Myself
Heavy D. & The Boyz                 Letter To The Future
Tyson Ballew          Note To Self
Mekons                  The Letter [Live]
Hank Williams        Dear John
Slim Whitman         At Mail Call Today
Eddie Hill                Who Wrote The Letter To Old John
Mondo Fumatore    Wrote A Letter To Myself
Dead Adair             Ten Letters
Kevin McGorey       Letterbox In A Graveyard
Chumbawamba      Rappoport's Testament: I Never Gave Up
Beirut                      Postcards From italy
The Go-Betweens  Mexican Postcard
Stereo Total            Carte postale
9th ward marching band           Letter
Rogue Wave          Postage Stamp World
Tom Waits              Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis
The Next Door Neighbors         Tell Me What I Am (A Letter To Santa From A Regular Guy


Superstar Rotation mit Josef Bercek am Mikrofon
Juni 2014 - Sonntag 08.06.14
"The Spiritual Voodoo Kraut Show Pt. 1"

01. Dead Skeletons - Dead Mantra
02. Kluster - Klopfzeichen Pt. 1 (Auszüge, leicht bearbeitet)
03. Solomon Ilori And His Afro-Drum Ensemble - Gbogbo Omo Ibile (Going Home)
04. Psychic TV - Unclean
05. Dead Skeletons - Buddha-Christ
06. Joe Struggs - Snow Dance
07. Pharoah Sanders - Our Roots (Began In Africa)
08. Arrington de Dionyso's Malaikat dan Singa - Kerasukan
09. Swans - Just A Little Boy (For Chester Burnett)
10. Can - Father Cannot Yell
11. Fela Kuti & The Africa 70 - Who're You
12. Cabaret Voltaire - Western Mantra
13. Oliver Lake - Africa

Superstar Rotation mit Josef Bercek am Mikrofon
Mai 2014 - Sonntag 11.05.14
"Legenda de los Incas" - The Never Ending Retromania Remix Show Pt. 200

01. Willy Marambio - Vasijah de dub (Pangolin Sound System Master Edit)
02. A. & S. Striano & A. Maio - Tammuriata di casatori
03. Linton Kwesi Johnson - Fight Dem Bak (Quektis dub refix)
04. Don Fardon - Indian Reservation (Hooligan Re-Drum Extended)
05. The Fall - The Remainderer
06. Tommy Blake - F-Oldin' Money
07. Sun Ra And His Arkestra - India (MM's Rework)
08. The Clash - Junco Partner (Yosh Dub The Clash)
09. Bo Diddley - Road Runner
10. The Cramps - Human Fly (Natividad Rmx)
11. Arrested Development - Tennessee (Kompleks Night Edit)
12. Codona - Mumakata (Miki aka The Dolphin Rmix)
13. Bobby & The Innkeepers - Sometimes I walk
14. Barclay James Harvest - One Night (T2mm Edit)
15. Dawn Penn - No No No (Andrés Digital Cumbia Remix)
16. The Clash - Know your Rights (Andrés Digital Mashup)
17. Rhythm & Sound - Roll Off/S
18. Roy Brooks & The Artistic Truth - Black Survival (Peter Franks Edit)
19. Wild Billy Chyldish & CTMF - The story of pop
20. Thai Shotgun Cassette - Kuntz
21. The Specials - Gangsters (Euan beated edit)
22. Mink Deville - Spanish Stroll (Donde Vas Con Mi Carro Rosita Edit By Selector Retrodisco)
23. Can - Dizzy Dizzy
24. Marlem Mahmoud Ghania & Pharoah Sanders - Lla allah dayim moulenah (Dj Reaganomics Remix)
25. Ivan - Real Wild Child
26. Charles Mingus - Fables of dub (Pangolin Sound System Mix Master)
27. The Residents - Kaw Liga (Memoirs From Future Pt 4 )


Superstar Rotation mit Josef Bercek am Mikrofon
April 2014 - Sonntag 20.04.14
"Retromania - Remixed"

01. Van Morrison - T.B. Sheets (Manateemann Dub Remix)
02. Tom Waits - Way Down in the Hole (Misa Thing Remix)
03. Gil Scott Heron - Whitey On The Moon (The Munk Machine Remix)
04. J.J. Jackson - Ooh-Ma-Liddi (Dj Jasper Weeda Edit)
05. J.J. Cale - Cherry (Ole Smokey Edit)
06. Art Ensemble Of Chicago - Theme De Yoyo (Skinnerbox Trashcan Arkestra Rework)
07. Solomon Burke - Maggie's Farm (Lp Version)
08. Solomon Burke - Maggie's Farm (Dj Sports Edit)
09. Hasil Adkins - Chicken Walk (Dirtyfinger Re-Stomp)
10. Taraf De Haidouks - Hora Ca La Ursari (Dj Reaganomics & Dirtyfinger Remix)
11. Townes Van Zandt - Waiting Around to Die (Love Guns Remix)
12. Wanda Jackson - Funnel Of Love (Jasper Weeda Edit)
13. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - The Cost Of Freedom (The 2 Mammarachos)
14. John Peel - The Fall (Edited by Critical Mess)
15. Can - Halleluwah (Manateemann Edit)
16. Brian Eno - Dead Finks Don't Talk (Robjam Remix)
17. Guy Lombardo - Enjoy Yourself (Tomahawk Reedit)
18. Pere Ubu - Humor Me (Sonicdexx Edit)
19. Reverend James Cleveland - Get Right Church (Dj Reaganomics Edit)
20. Ol Dirty Bastard - Shimmy Cumbia (J-Boogie Edit)
21. Johnny Cash - She Used To Love Me A Lot (Kill Mr. Dj Remix)
22. The Monks - How We Do Now (Black Box Disco Edit)
23. Ween - Voodoo Lady (Tema Blanco Edit)
24. Lou Reed - Walk On The Wild Side (John Monkman Tribute Edit)
25. The Doors - The Changeling (Anthony Velarde Remix)
26. Dr Feelgood - Roxette (Leeboi6858 Remix)


Januar, Februar, März 2014

Playlists Superstar Rotation - das A-Team

 Angela u. Andreas Wörner


Micah P. Hinson:

- How Are You Just A Dream? - The Same Old Shit - The Life, Living, Death And Dying Of A Certain And Peculiar L.J. Nichols

Josephine Foster:

- Sugarpie I´m Not The Same - My Wandering Heart -Pretty Please

Sun Kil Moon:

- Pray For Newton - Richard Ramirez (live) - Dogs - Truck Driver


- Say Goodbye - Turn Away - Wave


- Das Verhör - Mit Zementschuhen Auf Dem Boulevard - Kurzmitteilung


- D`Accord - Valhalla - Von Welt - Faux Pas

Die Heiterkeit:

- Kalifornien - Wässere Mich - Pauken Und Trompeten

Andrea Schröder:

- Ghosts Of Berlin - Until The End - The Spider



Ja, Panik:

- Au Revoir - Libertatia - Dance The EBC

Andre Williams:

- I Need You


- I Just Started Hating Some People Today


- Hello Future Tinglies - Acid Man - Moon Syrup

Perfect Pussy:

- III - IV


- Ache - Pitted

Die Nerven:

- Alles, Was Ich Hasse - Nichts Neues - Gefällt Mir Nicht Mehr - Sommerzeit, Traurigkeit - Morgen Breche Ich Aus - Irgendwann Geht´s Zurück - Die Bösen - Für Eine Minute Schweben - Angst - Nie Wieder Scheitern


- Tollwut - Fieberträume - Staub - Tiefenrausch - Lügen - Gassenhauer


26.1.14  - Der Jahres-Rückblick 2013


Dagobert: - Ich Mag Deine Freunde Nicht

Phosphorescent: -Ride On/ Right On

Caveman: - Where´s The Time

Kurt Vile: - Snowflakes Extended - Feel My Pain

Wavepictures: - Shell - Lisbon

Messer: - Die Kapieren Nicht - Es Gibt Etwas

Savages: - Husbands

The Fall: - Hittite Man

The Knife: - Without You My Life Would Be Boring

Dawanggang: - Four Ways

Nadine Shaw: - Runaway - To Be A Young Man

King Krule: - Easy Easy

John Grant: - Greatest Mother Fucker (GMF)

Babyshambles: - Minefield

Tocotronic: - Auf Dem Pfad Der Dämmerung

The Bevis Frond: - Dream It

Jake Bugg: - Simple Pleasures

Editors: - Sugar

David Bowie: - God Bless The Girl

Mark Kozelek & Jimmy Lavalle: - You Missed My Heart