3 x Superstar Rotation Playlists

vom 29.09.13, 21.07.13 und 23.06.13

- das A-Team -


Moderation: Andreas Wörner

Nadine Shah: - To Be A Young Man - Runaway - Dreary Town

Anna von Hauswolff: - Deathbed - Mountains Crave - Liturgy of Light

Julia Holter: - Horns Surrounding Me - Maxim´s II

Lottchen: - Kema Ahatia - Lilia

Alela Diane: - Colorado Blue - About Farewell - The Way Ww Fall

Scout Niblett: - Gun - My Man - What Can I Do?

Scott Matthew: - I Wanna Dance With Somebody - Love Will Tear Us Apart - I Don´t Want To Talk About It

Mark Lanegan: - You Only Live Twice - I´m Not The Loving Kind

Erdmöbel: - Bewegliche Ferien - Club Der Senkrecht Begrabenen - Peng


Moderation: Angela und Andreas Wörner 

Yeah Yeah Yeahs: - Sacrilege - Mosquito - Under The Earth - Slave

Coco Rosie: - End Of Time - Tears For Animals - Child Bride

Low: - So Blue - Holy Ghost - Just Make It Stop

Junip: - Line Of Fire - So Clear - Your Life Your Call

Iron And Wine: - Low Light Buddy Of Mine - Grass Widows - Lovers Revolution

Lloyd Cole: - Woman´s Studies - Myrtle And Rose - Blue Like Mars - It´s Late

Van Dyke Parks: - Dreaming Of Paris - Money Is King - Missin´ Missippi

Deap Vally: - End Of The World - Baby I Call Hell - Gonna Make My Own Money - Woman Of Intention - Walk Of Shame


Moderation: Angela und Andreas Wörner

Charles Bradley: - Strictly Reserved For You - Let Love Stand A Chance - Confusion

Jake Bugg: - Seen It All - Slide - Two Fingers - Simple As This - Broken

Chris Cacavas: - I Won´t Feel Well - Uncomplicated - We Are History

David Bowie: - The Stars - Love Is Lost - Where Are We Now?

Phosphorescent: - Song For Zula - Ride On/ Right On - Terror In The Canyons (The Wounded Master) - The Quotidian Beasts

Mark Kozolek & Jimmy Lavalle: - What Happened To My Brother - Gustavo - You Missed My Heart

James Blake: - Overgrown - Life Round Here - Retrograde

Low: - Plastic Cup


Mischmasch / Mish Mosh

DJ Vollkasko on air with a very special guest--Briana from Smiley and the Pony!

Together they'll spin a bunch of records and have an oldschool vinyl showdown, all for your delight and entertain!

1. Prince - 1999
2. Salt 'N' Pepa - Shake your thang
3. Jimmy Caste Bunch - Bertha Butt Boogie
4. Jonzun Crew - Space Cowboy
5. Public Enemy - Can't do nothing for you man
6. Beastie Boys - Sounds of Science [Paul's Boutique]
7. Beastie Boys - Three Minute Rule [Paul's Boutique]
8. Style Council - Internationalists [Our Favourite Shop]
9. Working Week - Don't Touch My Friend (Touche Pas A Mon Pote)
10. The Beatles - Hey Bulldog
11. The Beatles - Rain
12. Earth, Wind and Fire - Gotta Get You Into My LIfe [Cover Beatles]
13. Rubettes - Sugar Baby Love
14. Rogue Wave - Permalight
15.The Shins - We will become Silhouettes
16. Yogoman Burning Band - Pass the O
17. The Timelords - Doctorin' the Tardis [Instrumental version]
18. Guided by Voices - Fly into Ashes
19. Guided by Voices -Tropical Robots
20. Guided by Voices - Bunco Men
21. The Timelords - Doctorin' the Tardis [Awesome version]
22. Merricks - Rock Espacial
23. The Ettes - I Get Mine
24. Salt 'N' Pepa - Spindarella ain't a Fella (but a Girl DJ)
25. Kurtis Blow - Star Life
26. Beastie Boys - Hey Ladies
27. Joe Tex - Music Ain't no Color
28. Wilson Pickett - Let's get an Understanding
29. Bo Diddley - Signifying Blues
30. Prince - International Lover


Northwestern is Northbestern: Contemporary Puget Sounds (you know, Bellingham and stuff)

DJ Vollkasko garnishes the most amazing current Northwestern sounds with lovingly handcrafted dead air and the usual inane banter.

Featuring many old faves and new raves!

Acorn Project:    Slippy (Album Shift, 2013)
Glowbug:            Go Easy (Single, 2013)
Yogoman Burning Band:    Doot Doot (2009) *** radio world premiere! ***
Lucky Brown:      Chicken Rock (Instrumental; single, 2013)
The Lonely Forest:             Coyote (Arrows, 2011)
The Lonely Forest:             Warm/Happy (Adding up the wasted hours, 2013)
Kristin Allen-Zito:               Thaw You Out (The Atlas, 2010)
Kristin Allen-Zito:               Boat (The Atlas, 2010)
Keaton Collective:             Fallin Asleep (Tercera, 2012)
Biagio & The Argonauts:   True Love Bound (Nothing Here You Wouldn't Want, 2013)
Biagio & The Argonauts:    Quiet Desperation (Nothing Here You Wouldn't Want, 2013)
I Love You Avalanche:       Everything Mends (Fiction, 2012)
I Love You Avalanche:      Made Up Dreams (Fiction, 2012)
Go Slowpoke:   Dangerous (Single, 2011)
Specters:          I/O (Poor Cletus EP, 2013)
Fictions:            I'm Not Free (I Like You) (Demo, 2013)
Vervex:              Needle & Thread (Single, 2012)
The Heligoats:  Drai Zich (Back to the Ache, 2013)
Lumpkins:         Dying (Problems & Flames, 2013)
Robert Sarazin Blake:  Death Comes (Put It All Down In A Letter, 2011)
Robert Sarazin Blake:  Waiting (A Long Series of Memorable Nights Forgotten: The Belfast Sessions, 2011)
The All Nighters:          Afghan Eyes (Instrumental, 2009) *** radio world premiere! Last song recorded by this great instrumental rock band. ***
The Rooftops:   A Layer Fits (A Forest of Polarity, 2010)
The Rooftops:   Raft Easily (A Forest of Polarity, 2010)
Baltic Cousins:  Never Hold Your Breath (The Broken Horn, 2013)
Baltic Cousins:  Bear Traps (The Broken Horn, 2013)
Federation X:    Maybe We'll Die Young (We Do What We Must, 2013)
Federation X:    Anna Mist (We Do What We Must, 2013)
West Coast Chalice: Narcissus (Cover Lois Maffeo; self-titled album feat. Karl Blau, 2013)
West Coast Chalice: I'm Turned Inside Out (Cover Dear Nora, aka Katy Davidson; self-titled album feat. Karl Blau, 2013)
The Palisades:  Skylines South (Mr. S.'s Memory, 2013)
The Palisades:  It's Symbiotic (Mr. S.'s Memory, 2013)
Federation X:    Over The Top (Federation X, 1999)



Rap Music 101: From the Roots to the Rappers

DJ Vollkasko's excellent if erratically eclectic exploration into the origins and originals of rap music, with an obligatory overview over the ongoing application of rap in contemporary music, popular and otherwise.

Happy 40th Birthday, Rap Music!

1. Sugarhill Gang: Rapper's Delight (1979)
2. Kurtis Blow:       Rappin' (1979)
3. Joe Tex and the Vibrators: I'll never break your heart Pt 2 (ca. 1960)
4. Bo Diddley:        Say Man (1959)
5. Lizzy & Dennis Alcapone:   Ba Ba Ri Ba Skank (1968, Jamaica)
6. Prince Jazzbo:   Fool for Love (1973, DJ verse to Dawn Penn's You Don't Love Me, Jamaica)
7. U Roy:                Everybody Is Bawling (Jamaica)
8. The Last Poets: When The Revolution Comes (1970)
9. Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson: H2Ogate Blues (1974)
10. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five: The Message (1982)
11. The Clash:        The Magnificent Seven (1980, UK)
12. The Clash, feat. Futura 2000: Overpowered by Funk (1982, UK)
13. Blondie:            Rapture (1980)
14. Beastie Boys:   Cookie Puss (1983, Debut 7'')
15. Mr. T:                Mr. T's Commandments (1984)
16. Baobab:            N.O.J.O.B. (1983
17. Cameo:             Word Up (1986)
18. Trouble Funk feat. Bootsy Collins: Trouble (1987)
19: Salt & Pepa:     Push It (1988)
20. Public Enemy:  Welcome to the Terrordome (1991)
21. Public Enemy:  Meet the G that killed me (1991)
23 De La Soul:        Bitties In The BK Lounge (1991)
24. So Adult:           The Way I Swing
25. Leston Paul feat. Natalie Burke: Weakness For Sweetness (1996, Trinidad)
26. MC Frontalot:    Which MC Was That? (2002)
27. MC Frontalot:    Fresh Dog (2005)
28. MC Plus+:         Chip Hop Nerd (2006)
29. Danger Mouse: What more can I say (2004)


Es ist heiß.

Okay. Es ist heiß. Zu heiß zum Nachdenken. Oder gar heiße Scheiben durchwühlen und schwere Plattentaschen schleppen.

DJ Vollkasko hat das aber auf seine charmante Art und Weise gelöst, und euch mit Pleiten, Pech und Sendelöchern sowie feinster Musik zwei zauberhafte Sommerabendstunden bereitet.
Alright. It's hot. Too hot for thinking. Or for digging through hot cuts and lugging heavy DJ bags around.

But our man DJ Vollkasko came through in his very own charming way, and brought you two hours of delightful music for a Summer evening, as well as some of the finest handcrafted dead air in the world.


Jeb Loy Nichols      Summer Came (2000)
Big Star                  Watch The Sunrise (1972)
Camel Drivers        Sunday Morning 6 O'clock
+/-                           Summer Dress 1 (All Her Winter Clothes) (2003)
The Isley Brothers  Summer Breeze
Dead Adair             Warten Auf Den Sommer (1995)
Jonathan Coulton   Blue Sunny Day
The Flaming Lips    It's Summertime
Devendra Banhart  There Was Sun (2004)
Roman Rebellion   What Summer Brings
Enoch Light            Brazilian Summer
Tom Glazer            Why Is It Hot In The Summer?
Glowbug                Sunlight (2011)
Netherfriends feat. Jams Dean, Chandler London, and Auggie the 9th     Summertime (2013)
Brite Futures         Dog Eared Summer (2010)
Lester Sterling       Super Special (1968, Cover "Summertime" by George Gershwin)
The Go-Betweens Summer's Melting My Mind
Guided By Voices  Hot Freaks
Vee Dee                City In Heat (2009)
Tropics                  Summertime Blues-Land Of A 1000 Dances (Medley)
Karl Blau               In Heat (1997)
The Jam                Heatwave (Live at Reading University 1979)
Los Admiradores  Caravan (1960)
Holstuonarmusigbigbandclub   Heißer Sand (2007)
Bernd Begemann  Bleib zuhause im Sommer (Live 2001)
Fellow Travellers  This Summer (Live Dub Version 1995)
Tommy McCook   Heat Wave (Moving)
Dorothy Collins    We're Making Heat
Benji Hughes       Vibe So Hot (2008)
Donna Summer   Hot Stuff (1979)
Die Aeronauten    Sommer Der Liebe (2001)
Parade                 Sunshine Girl
Dear Nora w/ Casiotone for the Painfully Alone    Hot Boyz (2008, Cover Missy Elliott)
Netherfriends feat. Auggie the 9th    Summer Sex (2013)
The Afghan Whigs    Summer's Kiss (1996)
The Sandals        Theme From "Endless Summer" (1963)
Martin Denny       E Lei Ka Lei Lei (Beach Party Song) (1967)



Brand New Rosary Beat Rock Redondo Love Affair Force!

DJ Vollkasko live on air with fantastic guests:
* Redondo Beat!
* The Rosarys!
With live acoustic studio sets of these two super groovíng bands!

* Brand New Love Affairs
Unrealeased tracks of this amazing Tennessee-Hessian garage connection, feat. Roman Aul (ex-Mucus 2, Redondo Beat, Rosarys,..) and Scott Rogers (Cool Jerks/Memphis)!

* Rock 'n' Roll Airforce!
Legendary Rhein-Main Rockers (also active in Mucus 2, Redondo Beat Combo and what else not) release new sensational 7'' in Taiwan over ten years after the band retired!

Plus very special guest--
* DJ Kristen (Mod Dance Party/New Orleans, Disc A Gogo Club @ Alte Liebe/Sachsenhausen) spins supreme 60s Mod Beat & Rhythm 'n' Blues

1. Redondo Beat:      Into the Groove
2. Redondo Beat:      Shoop Shoop
3. Shirley Ellis:          The Nitty Gritty
4. The Cookies:         Don't say nothing bad about my baby
5. Huey "Piano" Smith: Little Liza Jane
6. Earl King:              Trick Bag
7. Jewel and the Rubies: Kidnapper
8. Rufus Thomas:      Can you monkey do the dog?
9. LaVern Baker:        Whipper Snapper
10. Rock 'n' Roll Airforce: The Bunker
11. Rock 'n' Roll AIrforce: Guitar Hitler
12. Rock 'n' Roll Airforce: 10.000 Light Years
13. Phillip Upchurch Combo: You can't sit down
14. Lesslie Hill:           Ooh Poo Pah Doo
15: Roger and the Gypsies: Pass the hatchet
16. Nathaniel Mayer and the Fabulous Twilights: Village of Love
17. The Rosarys:        I'm going home (Cover Prince Conley)
18. Brand New Love Affairs: I'm Drowning
19. Brand New Love Affairs: Gimme one more try
20. The McCoys:       Fever
21. Teddy Boys:        Jezebel
22. The Trashmen:    King of the Surf
23: Dino, Desi & Billy: I'm a fool
24. The Crescendoes: When the day turns in tonight (Cover Redondo Beat)
25. The Crescendoes: Do I love you? (Cover The Ronettes)
26. Stuart Westcliff:   The Gambler
27. The mighty Hannibal: The truth shall set you free
28. Redondo Beat:     Do the swim (Cover Ritchie Marsh aka Sky Saxon)
29. Redondo Beat:     15 Days, 15 Nights (Live on air!)
30. Redondo Beat:     Break-A-Heart (Live on air!)




Superstar Rotation mit Josef Bercek am Mikrofon
Juni 2013 - Sonntag 09.06.13
"In every dream home a heartache"

01. The Fall - Hittite Man
02. Hal Singer & Jef Gilson - Garvey´s strut
03. Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy - Satanic Reverses
04. Rhythm & Sound - Roll off / S
05. Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy - Language of violence (Jazz Version)
06. Eddie Lee Jones and Family - Yonder go that old black dog
07. Melvins ft. Jello Biafra - In every dream home a heartache
08. Moebius & Plank - Conditionierer
09. Ebo Taylor & Uhuru Yenzu - Victory
10. The New Gospel Keys - In that great gettin´ up morning
11. Dr. Feelgood - Roxette (n3rd Remix)
12. Salah Ragab & The Cairo Jazz Band - Dawn
13. Malcolm Mooney - She brings the rain
14. Dewey Redman - Look for the black star
15. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Black Betty
16. Emry Arthur - Man of constant sorrow
17. Wilko Johnson & The Solid Senders - Dr. Dupree (2010 Remix)
18. Larry Young - Alive
19. Orquestra Cheo Diaz - Cairo
20. Elder Richard Bryants Sanctified Singers with Boozie Sturdivant - Watch thee therefore you know
21. Roxy Music - In every dream home a heartache