4. Sonntag im Monat - mit Angela u. Andreas Wörner

- 27.12.2020 - 

Yves Tumor - gospel for a new century - kerosene - dream palette - superstars

Fantastic Negrito - how long - searching for a captain save a hoe ( feat. E-40) - all up in my space

Pearl Jam - who ever said - superblood wolfmoon - quick escape - alright

Phil Campbell - waves - born to roam - animals - desert song

Bruce Springsteen - letter to you - burnin' train - house of a thousand guitars

Jonathan Bree - happy daze - waiting on the moment - until we're done - in the sunshine - after the curtains close

Three Mourning Queens (Will Oldham) - stablemate - madeleine mary - tonight's decision

Merry Whatever 2020!

Ho Ho… Ho, oh boy. This year was a lot. But at least we won’t ever forget it, right?

Anyway, it’s almost over and it looks like we'll make it. As usual, DJ Vollkasko has a special selection of seasonal songs for you to sit around, eat a sugarplum, sip some libations and obsess about rising Covid-19 incidence numbers in your town.

It's okay to feel sad or angry these days, what with all that's happened and all that's still going on. But don't get stuck with that, things will change for the better. Hang in there. Stay healthy and safe, and let’s keep our fingers crossed for a safer and saner 2021.

Social distanced hugs and best wishes to you and yours from your pals at superstar rotation!


1   Phil Awful and The Experiments Merry Christmas?   2020
2   Meiko This Year Can Kiss My Ass   2020
3   Blatant Blob Feeling Called Melancholy   2016
4   Great Lake Swimmers Gonna Make It Through This Year   2020
5   Randolph's Leap Stay Away This Christmas   2020
6   Crocodiles Christmas In Hell   2020
7   Goddammit Jeremiah What If Santa Claus Is Just 20 Ferrets In A Red Suit?   2019
8   Bob 4 Apples Nobody Cares That You Don't Care About Christmas   2018
9   By Surprise No Mistletoe   2008
10   Beth Ditto Every Day Is Christmas With You   2012
11   Spanish Freely Nervous Xmas   2019
12   Jenny Don't & The Spurs Holiday Tears   2017
13   Aspiga Shortest Christmas List   2013
14   Pony Death Ride Ancestry.com Christmas   2019
15   Vista Blue I Want New Ramones Songs (For Christmas)   2019
16   Thom Stone Merry Christmas (What a Hell of a Year)   2020
17   Santa's Little Helper The War On Christmas   2018
18   Goddammit Jeremiah No War on Christmas   2019
19   they is they is they is Your Kind of White Christmas Sucks   2020
20   Cherry Ghost Blue Christmas   2020
21   Niagara Balls Merry Christmas (Let's Turn Off The News)   2015
22   Delightful Young Man I Wanna Be A Snowflake   2011
23   Laurence Made Me Cry It's Not You, It's Christmas   2017
24   Creature Comfort Christmas In Quarantine   2020
25   Gang Clouds Let's Spend Christmas In Our Bed   2018
26   Goddammit Jeremiah Sick at Christmas   2019
27   Charlotte Carpenter Cheer   2019
28   Kristian Noel Pedersen Everything's The Same Except It Isn't   2020
29   Clumsy Lovers Here's To Christmas   2013
30   The ABC Jugband A Change At Christmas (Say It Isn't So)   2015
31   The Magnetic Fields Everything is One Big Christmas Tree   2018
32   Edwin Mathew Zoom Zoom Christmas   2020
33   Whyte Horses Next Year Will Be Mine   2019
34   Quiet Company Merry Christmas, the President is Terrible   2018


More/ https://www.facebook.com/events/812101549216852

Superstar Rotation mit Josef Bercek am Mikrofon
Sonntag 13.12.2020 - 19.00 bis 21.00 Uhr

The Drowned World.

01. CS & Kreme - The Whale's Tail
02. Josephine Foster - The Wheel of Fortune
03. Carl Stone - The Jugged Hare
04. Asher Gamedze - Siyabulela
05. Acid Pauli - Du Brecht Ich Dub
06. Yanti Bersaudara - Yanti
07. Mike Cooper - The Drowned World (Jalan Batu After Rain)
08. Lambchop - Where Grass Won't Grow
09. Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band - My Jamaican Dub
10. African Head Charge - Disciplined and Dignified
11. Carl Oesterhelt & Johannes Enders - Theme VII
12. Sleaford Mods - Mork n Mindy (Ft. Billy Nomates)
13. Tino Contreras - La Noche de los Dioses
14. Sault - Little Boy
15. Toulouse Low Trax - Dawn Is Temporal
16. Don Cherry - Chenrezig
17. Shirley Collins - Sweet Greens and Blues
18. Neptunian Maximalism - Zâr
19. William Basinski - The Wheel of Fortune
20. Organic Pulse Ensemble - Mighty Cold
21. Joshua Abrams - Cloud Walking

4. Sonntag im Monat:

mit Angela u. Andreas Wörner



THE FLAMING LIPS - dinosaurs on the mountains - mother I've taken LSD - brother eye - mother please don' t be sad

SUFJAN STEVENS - make me an offer I cannot refuse - run away with me - lamentations
MATT BERNINGER - distant axis - one more second - loved so little - take me out of town

DAWES - I still feel like a kid - good luck with whatever - none of my business

LUCINDA WILLIAMS - you can't rule me - man without a soul - bone of contention - down past the bottom
COURTNEY MARIE ANDREWS - burlap string - guilty - carnival dream - how you get hurt

BILL CALLAHAN - pigeons - protest song - let's move to the country - as I wander


Volkstrauertag der Rock 'n' Roll-Nation!

Another year, another Rock 'n' Roll memorial service in honor of the many excellent musicians who played their last note in the past twelve months.

DJ Vollkasko pays respect to those who served with distinction and generously enriched our lives with the beauty of their work, across many decades and genres.

superstar rotation. We're still listening.(TM)

More/ https://www.facebook.com/events/172743950628253

1   Kraftwerk Sendepause [Instrumental] 1975        
2   Rheingold Dreiklangsdimensionen (12" Version) 1980   D  

Bodo Staiger (+ Dec 4th 2019), Lilac Angels, Rheingold

3   Gershon Kingsley Hey, Hey 1969   USA   Gershon Kingsley (1922 - Dec 10th, 2019), pioneer in electronic and Moog synth music (hit 'Popcorn'), composer of Jewish liturgical rock music

4   GUZ Altes Pferd 2000   CH   Olifr Maurmann, aka Guz (Dec 1967 – Jan 19, 2020), Swiss music producer, studio operator (Star Track/Schafhausen), legendary Swiss rock 'n' roller & excellent singer-songwriter (Guz, Die Aeronauten, Jerry J. Nixon, Die Zukunft, Naked in English Class)

5   Gang Of Four To Hell With Poverty 1990   GB   Andy Gill (1956 - Feb 1, 2020), producer, founder & guitarist with British post-punk band Gang of Four

6   Der Englische Garten Die aufgeräumte Stadt 2014   D   Bernd Hartwich (d. Mar 11, 2020), German DJ, bass player, singer, arranger and songwriter (Merricks, Friends ahoi, Bish, Der Englische Garten), wonderful pop expert and holder of the Sound of Munich-trademark
7   Der Englische Garten Kakerlaken 2014   D    
8   Psychic TV Stick Insect 1990   UK   Genesis P-Orridge (1950 - Mar 14, 2020), British avantgarde icon and founding member of experimental industrial bands Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV

9   D.A.F. Verschwende Deine Jugend     D   Gabriel „Gabi“ Delgado-López (1958 - Mar 22, 2020), Spanish-born German New Wave/Industrial musician and singer with Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft and solo

10   Tony Allen One Tree 2006   NGR   Tony Allen (d. Apr 30, 2020), Nigerian drummer and bandleader, one of the pioneers of Afrobeat who worked with greats like Fela Kuti, Manu Dibango, and others

11   The Paragons On The Beach     JA   Bob Andy (d. Mar 27, 2020), Jamaican songwriter, singer with rocksteady band The Paragons and of reggae hits ('Young, Gifted and Black', 'Feeling Soul', 'Unchained', etc.)

12   The Flamin' Groovies Teenage Head 1971   USA   Roy Loney (1946 - Dec 13, 2019), singer-songwriter, and Danny Mihm (d. Mar 27, 2020), drummer of US-band The Flamin’ Groovies

13   Fountains of Wayne I Want an Alien for Christmas     USA   Adam Schlesinger (1967 - Apr 1, 2020), US songwriter and guitarist with power-pop band Fountains of Wayne

14   John Prine Christmas in Prison     USA   John Prine (d. Apr 7, 2020), US country folk singer-songwriter known known for an humorous style of original music with elements of protest and social commentary

15   Spotniks Winterland     SWE   Bo Winberg (1939 - Jan 3, 2020), lead guitarist, singer and band leader of Swedish surf beat/instrumental rock band The Spotnicks, and their rhythm guitarist and singer Bo Starander (1942 – May 3, 2020), aka Bob Lander

16   The Kingsmen Louie, Louie 1963   USA   Lynn Easton (d. Apr 25, 2020), founding member of US garage rockers The Kingsmen; started as drummer, then his mother copyrighted the band name, took over and made him frontman and saxophonist. Their 1963 version of Richard Berry's 'Louie Louie' was famously investigated by the FBI regarding supposed, but nonexistent, obscenity of the lyrics

17   The Stranglers Ghost Train 1986   GB   Dave Greenfield (1949 - May 3, 2020), keyboardist and vocalists with British (post-)punk band The Stranglers ('Golden Brown', 'Always the Sun')

18   Kraftwerk Aetherwellen 1975   D   Florian Schneider (1947 - May 6, 2020), 1970 Gründungsmitglied and until 2009 Mensch-Maschine with German electronic (originally Krautrock) band Kraftwerk

19   Orchestra Peter Thomas Umpta-Lady 1975   D   Peter Thomas (1925 – May 17, 2020), German orchestra leader and arranger, composed over 80 movie and 600 tv soundtracks ('Raumpatrouille', 1966) with innovative electronic effects and production techniques

20   Ennio Morricone Mucchio Selvaggio 1973   I   Ennio Morricone (Nov 10, 1928 – Jul 6, 2020), legendary Italian soundtrack composer ('The Good, the Bad and The Ugly', 'Once Upon a Time in the West, 'Chi Mai', 'The Mission', 'The Hateful Eight')

21   The Flying Burrito Brothers Dark End Of The Streets     USA   William “Mickey” McGee (d. Jul 20, 2020), drummer for US country rock bands Flying Burrito Brothers (with Gram Parsons) and Goose Creek Symphony, also worked with Linda Ronstadt and others

22   Pretty Things Come See Me     GB   Phil May (1944 - May 15, 2020), founding member and lead singer of British rhythm 'n' blues/psychedelic rock band The Pretty Things, peers of the Rolling Stones; released one of the first concept albums ('S.F.Sorrow', 1968)

23   The Lords Death Bells At Dawn     D   Knud Kuntze, aka Lord Knut (d. Jun 14, 2020), member of popular German beat legends The Lords

24   Cardiacs Core 1992   GB   Timothy Smith (d. Jul 22, 2020), founder and frontman of British progressive punk (“pronk”) band Cardiacs

25   The Seeds Can't Seem To Make You Mine 1965   USA   Buck Jan Reeder, aka JAN SAVAGE (d. Aug 5, 2020), guitarrist and co-founder of US psych legends The Seeds (with Sky Saxon)

26   Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers I Love You 1977   USA   Walter Lure (Aug 21, 2020), guitarist with US proto-punk rockers Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers

27   Toots & The Maytals Pressure Drop     JA   Frederick “Toots” Hibbert (d. Sep 11, 2020), Jamaican rocksteady and ska vocalist with Toots and The Maytals ('Pressure Drop, 'Funky Kingston', 'Concrete Jungle'); also band-member, guitarist Lynford “Hux” Brown (Jun 18, 2020)

28   Les Paul & Mary Ford How High The Moon 1951   USA   Lou Pallo (Oct 28, 2020), guitarist; described by Keith Richards as "the man of a million chords" and best known for his decades-long work in the Les Paul Trio


They also served with distinction --

Gun-Marie Fredriksson (May 30, 1958 – Dec 9, 2019), Swedish pop singer-songwriter with Roxette, pianist and painter

Andrew "Greedy" Smith (1956 - Dec 2019), British singer and keyboardist with Mental As Anything

Kelly Fraser (Aug 8, 1993 – Dec 24, 2019), Canadian Inuk pop singer-songwriter

Sleepy LaBeef (died Dec 26, 2019), US rockabilly artist from the 1950s to the 2010s

Les Chadwick (1943 - Dec 26, 2019), bass player with British band Gerry and the Pacemakers..

Michael Bundt (d. Dec 27, 2019), bass player and key figure for German rock band Nine Days Wonder

Wolfgang Dauner (d. Jan 10, 2020), German jazz musician, founder of bands Et Cetera and The United Jazz and Rock Ensemble

Steve Martin Caro (1948 - Jan 14, 2020), lead singer with US baroque pop band THE LEFT BANKE in the 1960s (hits Walk Away Renee and Pretty Ballerina)

Ivan Kral (1948 - Feb 2, 2020), Czech-American filmmaker, music producer, bass guitarist and co-writer with The Patti Smith Group, esp. on their first four albums

Andrew Brough (May 7,1963 – Feb 2, 2020), New Zealand singer-songwriter, vocalist and guitarist with Sound of Dunedin-band Straitjacket Fits and Auckland's Bike

Andrew Weatherall (Apr 6, 1963 - Feb 17, 2020), British DJ, producer and remixer, helped develop acid house and was responsible for its crossover success

Simon Posthuma (1939-Feb 28, 2020), member of Netherland's psychedelic 1960s band The Fool, designed clothes and record covers for The Hollies, Beatles, Incredible String Band, etc.

McCoy Tyner, (d. Mar 6, 2020), US jazz-pianist, both solo and with the John Coltrane Quartet

Keith Olsen (d. Mar 9, 2020), British engineer, producer and bass player, with Buckingham Nicks and then Fleetwood Mac, also with Joe Walsh, Grateful Dead, Pat Benatar, Journey et al.; and Peter Green (1946 - Jul 25, 2020), British blues rock singer-songwriter, guitarist and founding member of Fleetwood Mac

Kenny Rogers (Aug 21, 1938 - Mar 20, 2020), songwriter and country singer (‘The Gambler’, ‘Ruby, don’t take your love to town’) and founder of fried chicken restaurant chain, Kenny Rogers Roasters

Manu Dibango (d. Mar 24,2020), Cameroonian musician ('Soul Makossa', 1972)

Matthew Seligman (Jul 14, 1955 - Apr 17, 2020), bass player for Thomas Dolby, The Thompson Twins and in David Bowie’s 1985 Live Aid concert band.

Ronan O'Rahilly (May 21, 1940 - Apr 20, 2020), Irish manager of 1960s British rhythm and blues artists Georgie Fame and Alexis Korner, club owner in London, and founder of Radio Caroline, the most successful offshore Pirate Radio ship which broke the BBC's and Radio Luxembourg's monopoly on popular music.

Hamilton Bohannon (1942 - Apr 24, 2020), US percussionist, bandleader, songwriter, arranger and record producer (disco-era hits 'Foot Stompin' Music' and 'Disco Stomp'); played at young age with Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Wonder and backed many Motown acts

Max Crook (Nov 2nd 1936 - Jul 1st, 2020), US keyboardist and synthesizer pioneer with his ‘Musitron’, a modified clavioline, with which he played the solo on Del Shannon’s 1961 hit ‘Runaway’, which he'd co-written; inspiration to Joe Meek, Kim Fowler and others.

Richard Wayne Penniman, aka Little Richard (Dec 5, 1932 - May 9, 2020), US pianist, singer and songwriter; one of the original creators of rock 'n' roll, breaking musical and social boundaries since the 1950s

Bessie Regina Norris, aka Betty Wright (Dec 21 1953 - May 2020), US rhythm 'n' blues and soul singer; started as back-up vocalist and went on to have a major hit with Clean Up Woman (1972)

John David "Moon" Martin (Oct 31, 1945 – May 11, 2020), US singer-songwriter and guitarist; originally a rockabilly artist, his songs were made famous by Robert Palmer ('Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor)') and Willy DeVille ('Cadillac Walk'). 'X-Ray Vision' (1982) was an MTV music video hit.

Klaus Selmke (1950 - May 22, 2020), founding member and drummer of GDR rock band CITY ('Am Fenster', 1978)

Werner Böhm aka Gottlieb Wendehals (d. Jun 2, 2020), German singer and musician ('Polonäse Blankenese')

Steve Priest (1948 - Jun 4, 2020), vocalist and bass player with 1970s British glam-rockers The Sweet

Vera Lynn (1917 - June 18, 2020), British singer and entertainer

Denise Johnson (d. Jul 27, 2020), lead and backing singer; integral part of 'Madchester’ scene: sang on Primal Scream’s Screamadelica and with New Order, Ian Brown, A Certain Ratio…

Miss Mercy (d. Jul 27, 2020), founding member of US all-girl group THE GTOs (produced by Frank Zappa)

Trini Lopez (1937 - Aug 11, 2020), singer, guitarist and actor (hits 'If I Had a Hammer', 'Lemon Tree')

Harry Jeske (Aug 20, 2020), bassist and founding member of GDR rock band PUHDYS

Justin Townes Earle (Jan 4, 1982 – Aug 23, 2020), US singer-songwriter and musician; son of alternative country artist Steve Earle

and many others.

Superstar Rotation mit Josef Bercek am Mikrofon.
Sonntag 08.11.2020 – 19 bis 21 Uhr

The Original-Mickey-Mouse-Strut-Show!

01. Nyx Nótt - Mickey Mouse Strut
02. Damon Locks & The Black Monument Ensemble - Stay Beautiful
03. Bob Dylan - Key West (Philosopher Pirate)
04. Deadbeat And The Mole - Farfisa Hoser Hymnal
05. Angel Bat Dawid & Tha Brothahood - Black Family
06. Emma Swift - Queen Jane Approximately
07. Big Joanie - Cranes In The Sky (Solange Cover)
08. Christian McBride - Soldiers (I Have a Dream)
09. Rhauder & Paul St. Hilaire - No More
10. Kahil El`zabar - Express Yourself
11. Quintron & Miss Pussycat - Block the Comet
12. Bill Callahan - Another Song
13. Yaeji - Money Can’t Buy (Ft. Nappy Nina)
14. Anteloper - Bubble Under
15. Baxter Dury – Slumlord
16. The Diabolical Liberties - Rudeboys in Outa Space
17. Jyoti - This Walk
18. Neil Young - Star Of Bethlehem
19. Emma-Jean Thackray - Too Shy
20. Roots Magic - When There Is No Sun
21. Ghostpoet - Concrete Pony
22. Sun Ra Arkestra - Rocket No. 9

Superstar Rotation, Playlist vom 4. Sonntag im Monat

mit Angela + Andreas Wörner:

Superstar "Heavy Metal" Rotation (3)


19.00 Uhr

Amon Amarth - crack the sky - raven‘ s flight - into the dark

Entombed - elemination - bowels of earth - bourbon nightmare - I‘ll never get out of this alive

Exumer - raptor - dusteater - descent

Raven - top of the mountain - metal city - battlescarred

20.00 Uhr

Armored Saint - missile to gun - fly in the ointment - unfair

Heathen - the blight - empire of the blind - dead and gone - sun in my hand

Artillery - the face of fear - sworth utopia - thirst for the worst - pain

Slayer (live 2019) - when the stillnes comes - bloodline