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  • the x from radio x

    Who we are
    radio x

    radio x is a noncommercial radio station in the city of Frankfurt am Main. More than 1000 citizens composed of about 80 groups from Frankfurt, Offenbach and surrounding areas create advertisement-free non-commercial radio for their region. All the editors work on a volunteer basis.

    The main non-profit organization Radio-X-Mix e.V. works a bit differently than local "open/public" channels; being not only legally responsible for programming (content and form), but also financially (technical operations/equipment) responsible.

    We have been broadcasting daily, 24 hours a day since September 22nd, 1997. Our broadcasts reach over 1 million households in the region. The average amount of weekly listeners amounting to around 85000 people.

    radio x can be received in the region of Frankfurt/Main under 91.8 MHz UKW (antenna) or under 99.85 MHz UKW (cable). We are also able to heard outside the Frankfurt area through live streaming from the internet.

    Our goals are:

  • to broadcast a supplementation of local reporting and to contribute to a variety of opinions
  • to expand cultural programming
  • to promote local communication
  • to offer a platform for participation in radio broadcasting to people (or groups of people) who have no or little access to public media
  • the promotion of new program formats
  • to impart media competence
  • radio x team, 2006

    Where we come from
    Our history

    Many listeners in Frankfurt and the surrounding areas know radio x from our broadcasting efforts in May 1996 and March 1997, some even form our first experiments in 1987/1988. radio x has been on air since the 22nd of September 1997; more than a decade after initial efforts to create a city-radio station for Frankfurt and Offenbach.

    It all started in 1986 when several artists came together and formed a “radio x” group. During the “Documenta” (an international exhibition of modern art in Kassel Germany) the group made it’s on-air debut airing for a duration of four weeks.

    The broadcasters stood under the patronage of the Hessischen Rundfunk/HR (the public broadcasting service from the German state of Hesse). A year later radio x was on air again, broadcasting live from the Frankfurt bookfair and once again in 1988 broadcasting for 10 days from the “Städelschule” (a renowned Frankfurt arts school).

    Not until 9 years later did Radio X-Mix e.V. receive from the “Landesanstalt für privaten Rundfunk”/LPR (the German governmental institution for private broadcasting) in the German state of Hesse, the license and frequency to start airing as a Frankfurt local radio station.

    LPR speaking with the “Frankfurter Rundschau” (a major Frankfurt newspaper) on April 16th 1997:

    “Decisive for the licensing was the structure and especially the cultural programming; both factors promise an effective publicizing supplementation- in political as well as cultural reporting- for the present Frankfurt radio landscape.”

    Jan & Namé, RadioXperience 1997

    What we offer
    Program Contents

    Our program editors, groups and authors cover almost every area of interest for our multicultural influenced listeners. Our program makers grasp at exactly those topics that don’t receive any attention from the other media. By doing so, we are contributing substantially to the variety of opinions in the region.

    Amongst other things our programming includes:

  • thematical programs about current cultural and political occurrences with special emphasis to our region
  • literature-, science, and film programs
  • permanent programs that are dedicated to different areas of Frankfurt-city (for example: Gallusfenster)
  • programs in foreign languages such as: Persian, Finnish, Spanish, Catalonian, Basque, Turkish and different African dialects
  • a “daily events” program as well as a week daily “breakfast radio”
  • a student program, as well as several separate programs in affiliation with children’s and youth’s projects
  • comedy and satire shows
  • the Dj-night
  • a program for gays and lesbians
  • radio fanomania, the program made by and for “Eintracht” (Frankfurt’s soccer team) fans
  • several music programs with emphasis on different themes; for example: “VirusMusikRadio” (formerly known as “Kick-Radio”), a program about the local Frankfurt music scene
  • radio-plays and sound experiments

  • Jim Avignon

    What else we offer
    Media Competence

    radio x doesn't just offer citizens of the region a public forum in the medium of radio, but also imparts a considerable amount of media competence. We go way over the standard rules - as defined by the LPR, in our mission to impart media competence.

  • Seminars
  • In narration, engineering, law and editing seminars, our program makers learn to turn their programs into professional contributions.

  • Children / Youth Projects
  • From temporary to permanent children’s and youths projects (for example: Bootleg the student program from the Helmholtzschool, or Cobra - Children’s broadcasting), we offer even real young residents a platform for their media work.

  • Hörerfenster
  • In our weekday "Hörerfenster" (also known as “listener's window“), we offer beginners an easy way to get started. With the "Hörerfenster" we unburocratically provide a program slot for any interested resident - with an individual introduction to law and engineering - who wants the possibility to broadcast their program.

  • Broadcasting Practice
  • Seminars offer the foundation for future program makers. Only after practicing with your self-created program, does the theoretical knowledge deepen. This is where a "live" broadcasting station differs immensely as compared to the usual educational offers. With radio x, citizens do not just learn how to "speak" in theory and construed situations but experience journalistic work and the association with this medium in its complete bandwidth: from choosing program themes, to researching, to implementation of their knowledge, up to the reaction of the listeners, as well as the effect of their work in the public.

  • Career Stepping Stone
  • For many of our members, the work at radio x has been the start of a career in the media industry, whether in the print media, television, or at other broadcasting stations. Also artists such as the comedy duo Mundstuhl, took their first steps at radio x. We are not only a "stepping stone", but also through our regular internships and our cooperation with the Werkstatt Frankfurt, offer an important position in vocational and extended vocational training.

    Why we are important
    The significance of radio x for the area of Frankfurt

    Over the years, radio x has developed into an important building block for the cultural network of the region. We are not only a part of the local culture, but also it's promoter. Through editorial reports we give cultural groups, concert organizers, publishing companies, bands and small record labels the possibility of introducing themselves, a project, or an event to the public.

    - We work together with the cultural institutes from Frankfurt and the surrounding areas.

    This includes among other things:

  • concert organizers and theater: for example Mousonturm, Callus-theater, Stalburg, Batschkapp, Hafen 2,Theaterhaus, Childeren's-Youththeater Germany
  • institutions from the area of art education: for example Schirn and Portikus
  • institutions from the area of media: for example Filmbüro and Filmhaus Frankfurt
  • educational institutions: for example J-W-Goethe University, FH Frankfurt, A.b.K. Städel, H.f.G. Offenbach, School for fashion and graphic design, Helmholz-grammar school
  • organizations and nonprofits: for example Eintracht Frankfurt (Frankfurt's soccer team), Deutscher Kinderschutzbund (German children's protective organization), Indian Vibes-new generations e.V., Stoma e.V., Virus e.V.
  • all large Frankfurt music labels

  • School for fashion & graphic design, Museumsuferfest 2007

    - We are publicly present through our regular events

    Some of the places and events that we can be seen and heard at:

  • the Frankfurt Museumsuferfest (with live three day coverage)
  • the Sound of Frankfurt (with our own stage)
  • our yearly radio x street-fest
  • alternating clubs and theaters with our radio x parties
  • during interactive radio and art activities with our listeners, as well as other events at public venues
  • Tango, Museumsuferfest 2007

    Why we need your support
    Our financial basis

    radio x finances itself exclusively from donations and membership fees as well as public funds.

    - Why it’s this way

    By law, city radio stations in the state of Hesse can only be run as noncommercial local broadcasting (NKL). Therefore advertisement and sponsoring fall to the wayside as a financial source. This is basically good for radio x, since our independence from advertisement and sponsorship contracts, guarantees us a free choice of topics and opinions in our programming.

    - The cost of programming and where the money comes from

    The Hessische Landesanstalt (the German state of Hesse governmental institution) for private broadcasting takes over a part of the accrued costs. But, a significant part of the running costs must be paid by the nonprofit association Radio X-Mix e.V., through membership fees and donations.

    Yearly budget 2006

    - Earnings

    66.500,-Euro direct funding provided through the LPR
    approximately 4.000,-Euro for replacement purchases, media competence, financed by the LPR
    approximately 10.000,-Euro membership fees
    approximately 4,.000,-Euro donations
    approximately 12.000,-Euro proceeds from events and advertisement in the monthly program pamphlet
    approximately 96.500,-Euro yearly total budget

    - Spending

    30.000,-Euro office rent
    approximately 10.000,-Euro operations costs
    30.000,-Euro salaries (for management, technical engineers, cleaning personal)
    approximately 5.000,-Euro for average upkeep and replacement of equipment
    approximately 19.500,-Euro printing costs for monthly program-pamphlet
    approximately 2.000,-Euro for seminars, interns, promoting media competence
    approximately 96.500,-Euro yearly total expenses

    In comparison we cost the payers of radio and television fees (it is mandatory that German residents pay quarterly fees for public television and radio broadcasting) very little. Measured with the 66.500,-Euro funding, that we receive from broadcasting fees, and the supposed 750,000 people in the Frankfurt area that pay those fees, we receive just 9 cents a year from every person.

    How you can broadcast with us
    The possibilities for participating

    radio x is not an “open channel”. We must be different than the open channels. We must also take legal and financial responsibility for all programs. That’s why one can’t just book “airtime” with us. Nevertheless radio x also isn’t a “closed” channel either.

    The Harald Biehl & Max Schumacher-Show, live at the Atelier '07

    There are several different ways to take part in the programming of radio x for those who are interested.

    - The Hörerfenster

    For those who want to just broadcast, once, or just every so often, can do this in a simplified process during the week, between 1300-1400 in our openly scheduled “Hörerfenster”.

    - Single contributions

    For those who don’t want to create a whole program, but wish to produce a report, or play music for example, you may participate in the already existing editorial groups and magazine programs. Also, one can form with others a new editorial group or magazine.

    - Your own regular program

    Every group, or person can apply for their own program. In order to realize one’s own plans, wishes, capabilities, and capacities, it is necessary to do several shows during the Hörenfenster hour. Moreover, at least one member of the group has to participate in the courses offered by radio x, in order to qualify to receive broadcasting responsibility. When the group/person has experienced a couple of shows under the Hörenfenster, and realizes what and how much she/he can produce, then she/he can apply with their program concept to the program commission for a regular program slot.

    Other things of importance
    About Us / organizational structure

    radio x is produced in Frankfurt. The station and office is located under this address:

    radio x / Radio X-Mix e.V.
    Schützenstraße 12
    60311 Frankfurt

    Our office is open during the weekdays between 10.00-17.00 hours. We are able to be contacted by phone under (+49) 069 - 2997.1220.

    Our editorial department can be reached
    by phone under (+49) 069 - 2997.1222
    or by fax under (+49) 069 - 2997.1223.

    The groups and entities:

    - The main non-profit organization: Radio X-Mix e.V.

    radio x is run by the main non-profit (Radio X-Mix e.V.). It is the owner of the broadcasting license and legal representative of the station. The main non-profit is responsible for the abidance of the statutory provisions, as well as other guidelines (for example the non-profit statutes from the LPR).

    - The board of directors

    The main non-profit organization is represented by the board of directors. The board of directors consists of three persons voted in by the members.

    - The management

    The management is commissioned through the board of directors to do the day-to-day business. The manager, Katja Weißenberger, is the only permanent employee for radio x.

    - The program commission

    The program commission coordinates the airtimes of the participants according to the program principles (diversity of opinion, local references, etc.). It pays attention to continuity and quality in the programs, and especially encourages the development of new listenening formats. The program commission is voted in by the broadcasting collective.

    - The broadcasting collective

    The broadcasting collective is made up from the groups, and persons that currently create the regularly scheduled programs.

    Lynn & Cue Pate