GPWW 1027

Hermn Eberitzsch III Project - This Is The Struggle (Family Groove)
The Cosen Few - People Make The World Go Round (Crystal/Family Recorings)
A Tribe Called Quest - Whateva Will Be (Epic / SME)
LanceSkiiiwalker - Lover’s Lane (TDE)
Christian Scott – Diaspora (Forthcoming)
Takeshi Ohbayashi Trio - Cyclic Ridge 2 (Disc Union)
Shigeto – What Are We Made Of? (White Label)
Carleen Anderson - All That Glitters (Freestyle)
Bobby Byrd & Vicki Anderson - You’re Welcome, Stop On By (Polydor)
Young Disciples - Make It Funky Young Disciples - Make It Funky (Talkin Loud)
Vicki Anderson - Message Form the Soul Sisters (Famous Flame Records)
Antonio Carlos & Jocafi – Dalena (RCA Victor)
Felipe Cordeiro - Cravo E Canela (Kafundo/Scream & Yell)
Silverio Pessoa - Mix Raça (Kafundo)
Dayme Arocena - Not Gonna Be Forever (Brownswood)
Jane Bunnett And Maqueque – Dream (White Label)
Baast – Bazaar (Ubiquity)
Aron Ottignon - Waterfalls IN Tanzania (Universal)
Gabriel Garzon-Montano - Sour Mango (Stones Throw)
Emanative - Love In Outer Space (Celestial Rhythm Mix) (Steve Reid Foundation)
Velvet Season And The Heats Of Gold - Rallye Du Diable (Tele Music Remix)
Knowsum - Touching After Midnight (Money $ex)
Reckonwrong - Getting Warmer (Hot Mix) (Whities)
Stagga And Magugu - Gugu Gang (Fat Fridge)
Danny Brown – Pneumonia (Warp)
JBL Trio - No Filter (BNS Sessions)
São Paulo Underground - Olhaluai (Cuneiform)