soulsearching #681
w/michael rütten
DJ Ease N.O.W.
island mixtape

Andy Bey - Celestial Blues - Atlantic
Leon Thomas - China Doll - Flying Dutchmen
DJ Shadow - Midnight In A Perfect World - Mo'Wax
Donovan - Get Thy Bearings - Epic
Danny Breaks - The Jellyfish - Alphabet Zoo
Samiyam - On A Bad Day - Stones Throw
7 Minutes Of Funk - Faden Away - Stones Throw
Souleance - Georgian Kiss - First Word
Fatima - Black Dough - Eglo
William Kouan Djoko - Deflourished - Rush Hour
Hex - Jazzstep - Blue Note Japan
Fela - ITT (iZem Remix) - White
De Franks Band - Do Your Own Thing (Déni Shain Remix) - White
Lord Echo - Molten Lava - Bastard Jazz
Jacob Collier - Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing - Bandcamp

DJ Ease aka George Evelyn aka Nightmares On Wax Island Feel Good Mixtape
N.O.W. - Be I Do Remix - Warp
N.O.W. - Stars - Warp
Rahsaan Ahmad - The Pressure (DJ Vadim Mix Edit Instr.) - White
Kan Sano - Music Overflow - Razor 'n' Tape
Ian Blevins - Love Together - Unknown
N.O.W. - E.A.S.E. - Warp
N.O.W. - Thinking Of Omara - Warp
N.O.W. - Ease Jimi - Warp
Starship Connection - We Can Go - Bastard Jazz
The Electric - Overloaded (Sepalot Remix) - Organically Grown
James Brown - Locking Sick (JR Dynamite Lick My Stick Edit) - White
Guts - Brand New Revolution - Heavenly Sweetness
LTJ - Get Involved (LTJ Experience Edit Rework) - Promo Only
Only Children - Falling - Razor'n'Tape
The Legendary 1979 Orchestra - Close Your Eyes (No Drums Just Soul Mix) - LSR


welcome back to soulsearching, George Evelyn! the man who delivers the good music since almost 20 years now,
back with a new album simply called "Feelin'Good" and that's what it's all about the mixtape he delivered also .
Greetings from Frankfurt to Ibiza, this is how we roll. Muchas Gracias DJ Ease aka Nightmares On Wax.

More beats and all that jazz beforehands in the first part of the show, kicking off on the old school , finishing on the very new school
with that young man out of London, Jacob Collier. A star is born. Nuff said.

enjoy the music,
yours truly

DJ & Live Dates.

07.11.13 Frankfurt, LUCIA soulsearching sessions
15.11.13 Frankfurt, 28stepsdown COSMIC FUNK JAM

more soon to be announced....