soulsearching #685
w/michael rütten
mixtape by lord echo (nz)

Jitwah - Rightaboutnow - The Jazz Diaries
The Undisputed Truth - You Make Your Heaven And Hell Right Here On Earth - Gordy
Hugh Masekela - Stimela - Chisa
Horace Silver - The Gods Of The Yoruba - Blue Note
Anthony Joseph - Shine - Heavenly Sweetness Promo
iZem - Celia - Self Released
Turtle - Opposite Of Low - Beatnik Creative
Owiney Sigoma Band - Nyiduonge Drums (Champion Remix) - Brownswood
Salvia Kamili - K A M I L I - Self Released
Reginald Omas Mamode IV - You've Got - Five Easy Pieces
Beat Spacek - Alone In Da Sun - Ninja
Lord Echo - Put It In My Head feat. Mara TK - Bastard Jazz

LORD ECHOs soulsearching excursions
Orchestre Vévé Star - Niturudia - Soundway
Lord Echo vs. Biggie Smalls - Juicy (Echo Mix) - White
Shogun Orchestra - Mifune - Lucien Johnson/White
Tame Impala - Alter Ego - Modular
Les Ya Toupas Du Zaire - Je Ne Bois Pas Beaucoup - Soundway
Atmosfear - Dancing In Outer Space - Elite
Mbiri Young Stars - Ndiri Ndanogio Niwe - Soundway
Kelenke Band - Jungle Music (Echo's Edit) - Bandcamp
The Heptones - Now Generation - Upsetter
Placebo - Inner City Blues - CBS
The Elder Statesman - Flavor Spot - White

Malauwi - Say A Little Prayer - 180 Proof Promo
Cybotron - Mumbo Jumbo - Compost Elaste 4
Al Kent - Yes I Do - Lumberjacks In Hell


with much pleasure i do say welcome to another edition of soulsearching.
Including loads of very good stuff, from the lo-fi minimal soul adventures of 2013 to super hi-fi fpsychedelic soul from 1971.
and a heavy dose of bass and poetry (Anthony Joseph !), swingin nicely alongside a brief peace out to Nelson Mandela and
keep it up, one of the coolest cats in jazz, Horace Silver. Then iZem once again delivering it, and a guy called Jon Cooper aka Turtle on a real high, down low. bangin beats by Salvia Kamili and Spacek, amazing free interpretation of a classic by Malauwi as rediscovered by Amir Abdullah for the love of music. And Al Kent closing the show on a more than positive vibe.

In between a very dope and heavy dose of mixtape action by Lord Echo out of Wellington/NZ. Inspirations - Informations.
check his album "Curiosities" for niceness out of the echo chamber . . . soul is the word here. Jams to make you just feel good.
what else can you ask for ? yeah, probably a dj set and liveshow over here i'd say. bigthanks Mike Fabulous.

next show will be the annual "what the world needs now" edition. my present for you to keep you warm and safe into 2014.

merci bien, thanks a lot, muchas gracias, arigato, obrigado, dankeschoen for listening to soulsearching.
to be continued in 2014.

enjoy the music.



13.2.14 Frankurt, Sucio soulsearching Aquarius Session

more in the making, soon to be announced....