Spacey Stardust Radio & Donau Festival Spezial 2011

Interviews mit Tomas Zierhofer-Kin (Festival Org), Stefano Pilia (3/4 Had Been Eliminated), Markus Zimmermann u. Anderas Leo Findeisen (Future Fluxus), Amina Handke u. Rosa Danner (Female:Pressure)

Laurie Anderson - The Beginning of Memory/ Homeland 2010

Carla Bozulich - Peach/ Ethyl Meatplow 1993

Lydia Lunch - Atomic Bongos/ Queen of Siam (Live @ Donau Festival 2011, feat. Jessie Evans n Toby Dammit n Gallon Drunk)

Left Hand Path
- xxx/ Daivd Tibet, Luca T. Mai, Stefano Pilia, Massimo Pupillo, Andrea Serrepiglio and Luca Tilli (Live @ Donau Festival 2011)

Current 93
- Persimmon/ Honeysuckle Aeon, Copticcat 2011
Current 93 - Jasmine/ Honeysuckle Aeon, Copticcat 2011

Throbbin Gristle
- Hot On The Heels Of Love/ 20 Jazz Funk Greats, 1979

John Cage
- Sonata V/ Sonatas for Prepared Pianos, 1946-48

3/4 Had Been Eliminated
- Labour Chant/ 2005

Nina Simone
- Revolution/ 1969

- Vicki Leekx Tape Mix/ 2010

Warrior Queen
- They Don't Quit/ (?)

Betty Davis
- Shut Off The Light/ Nasty Gal, 1975

Gold Panda
- You/ Lucky Shiner, 2010

Spacy Stardust Show with
Kid Congo Powers & The Pink Monkey Birds
in Interview 23.04.2011

Kid Congo Powers & Pink Monkey Birds-LCDC/Dracula Boots, InTheRed 2009

Kid Congo Powers & Pink Monkey Birds-Goldin Browne/Gorilla Rose,InTheRed2011
Kid Congo Powers & Pink Monkey Birds-Bo Bo Boogaloo/Gorilla Rose 2011
Kid Congo Powers & Pink Monkey Birds-Gorilla Rose/Gorilla Rose 2011

Kid Congo Powers & Pink Monkey Birds - Rare as The Yeti/Dracula Boots
Kid Congo Powers & Pink Monkey Birds - Floor Length Hair/ 7", Vice Rec.2010
Hunx & His Punx - Dream On/ 7", Vice Rec. 2010
Noon:30 - French Song/
Noon:30 - She's a Woman/
Kid & Khan - Flaco Says/Bad English, Trans Solar Records 2004
The Make Up - White Belts/ Save Yourself, K Records 1999
Chain and the Gang - Why Not?/Music is not for Everyone, K Records 2011
Jessie Evans - Scientists of Love (sayhooo Rmx)
Lydia Lunch - Atomic Bongos/Queen of Siam 1980
Khan feat. Diamanda Galas - Aman/No Comprendo, Matador Rec. 2001
Kid Congo Powers - Black Bag/Philosophy and Underwear, TransSolar 2005
Weird War - Why do Girls like Guys like that?/Illuminated by Light,2005
Chain and the Gang - Detroit Music/ 7", K Records 2010
Blurt - Eat Up Your House/ CDR Limited Edition, 2004
The Cramps - New Kind of Kick/ 7", 1981
The Ramones - All quiet on the Eastern Front/Pleasant Dreams,1981
The Bunnies - Everybody Sweet R'n'R
The Ponys - Double Vision/Turn The Lights Out, Matador 2007
Julee Cruise - Twin Peaks Theme/Soundtrack, WB 1990

Spacy Stardust Show and The Flying Eyes in Interview

The Flying Eyes – Don’t Point Your God at Me/The Flying Eyes, Trip in Time 2009
The Flying Eyes – She Comes to Me/The Flying Eyes, Trip in Time, 2009
Interview mit The Flying Eyes/Ellois, Will, Adam, Mac
The Flying Eyes – Intro/Live Version 
The Flying Eyes – Nowhere To Run/Done so Wrong, Trip In time, 2011
The Flying Eyes – Poison Well/Done so Wrong, Trip In time, 2011
The Flying Eyes – Overboard/Done so Wrong, Trip In time, 2011
The Flying Eyes – Lay With Me/ The Flying Eyes, Trip in Time, 2009 
The Flying Eyes – Overboard/Done so Wrong, Trip In time, 2011
The Flying Eyes – Leave It All Behind / Live Version 
Interview mit Michel Bergner vom Trip In Time Label
The Magnificent Brotherhood – All Because Of You/Dope Idiots, Trip In Time 2010
In the Mix
The Black Ryder – Grass
The Black Angels – Doves
Memphis Minnie – Bumble Bee Blues
Rancho Relaxo – Black Nectarine From The Simian Heart
Black Rebel Motorcycle – Ain’t No Easy Way
Mr Airplane Man – Blue As I Can Be
Xxx – The Last Drop
Taj Mahal & Ry Cooder – Statesboro Blues
Wolfmother – The White Unicorn
Serpentina Satelite – Sangre De Grado

Spacy Stardust Show and The Tiles live at the Studio 1

Bam! Bam! – Golden Haze/ 2010
Rocket Motors – Let’s Do The Jenkka/Clevergreens, Noisecamp 2010
Roqueting Through Space / Fruits De Mer Recordings, 12”/7”, 2011
Helicon – Hallogallo ( Neu!) / Roqueting Through Space, 2011
Cranium Pie’s Research Baking Station – Blacksand ( Brainticket) / R.T.S.
Luck Of Eden Hall – Lucifer Sam ( Pink Floyd)/ Roqueting Through Space
The Pancakes – Living In The City/Vulcanic Frog Island, Kerntonschall 2010
The Satelliters – You Can’t Get Me Down/...Shake, Shake, Shake!, Dionysus 1998
The Electric Mess – Remember To Forgot Today/The Electric Mess, 2009
Vibravoid – No Silver Bird( Hooterville Trolley)/Roqueting Through Space, 2011
The Tiles – The Return of The Tiles/ Live EP 2010
The Tiles – The Opener
The Tiles – Remember Me
The Tiles – Little Dragon
The Tiles – Pig Sick
The Tiles Spacy Mix
The Byrds - Psychodrama City
Los Tres Sudamericanos – La Catedral De Winchester
Orchester Günther Gürsch – Puppets
Disco Tech – Let’s Go Back To Day One
Tim Hardin – Black Sheep Boy
Bob Dylan – I Want You

Spacy Stardust Show
with The SATELLITERS in Interview

The Satelliters - Outta Here/ Outta Here!!-Soundflat Rec 2010
The Satelliters - I Need You/Shake, Shake, Shake!-Dionysus 1998
The Satelliters - Waste Of Time/Outta Here!!- Soundflat 2010
The Satelliters - Lost in Time/Outta Here!!!
The Satelliters - Walk Trhough That Door/Outta Here!!!
The Satelliters - Time Will Tell/Otta Here!!!
The Satelliters - Shake, Shake, Shake!!!/7"-Hey Girl! Records

Redondo Beat - Break A Heart/Meet Redondo Beat-Dionysus 2011
Out Key Hole - I Know The Truth/
The Brood - You'll See/In Spite Of It All-Skyclad Rec 1988
Vinyl Stitches - I Said Alright/7" -Death Pop Rec 2009
Morlocks - till The Wheels Fall Off/Easy Listening-Go Down Rec 2008
Blue Magoos - She's Coming Home/Psychedelic Lollipop-Mercury
Them - All For Myself/7"
Littler Blues Band - Death Blues/

Vacilando '68 Recordings
Suzie Hug - Everybody Change/Tucson Moonshine-Vacilando '68 Rec 2010
Suzie Hug - Down To The Water/Tucson Moonshine-Vacilando '68 Rec 2010
Marianne Dissard - Le Lendemain/L'Entredeux-Vacilando '68 Rec 2010
Marianne Dissard - Trop Exprès/L'Entredeux-Vacilando '68 Rec 2010
Dear Thief - Under Archway/Under Archway-Vacilando '68 Rec 2010
The Singing Loins - Hauling In The Slack/Vacilando '68 Rec 2010
Mr Ron Jetson - Magnificent Joe7The Return Of...-Vacilando '68 Rec 2010

 Alessandro Alessandroni/Nora Orlandi - Preludietto