in vinyl veritas septimum

DJ Vollkasko spins the best, worst* and most curious vinyl of the last 6 months or so. Expect bad fades, weird mixes, and daring dead air.

*Just kidding. Maybe.


Hildegard von Binge Drinking    Falling
David Bowie         Port of Amsterdam (Cover Jacques Brel)
David Bowie         My Death (Live 1972)
Love Unlimited     Move me no mountain
Love Unlimited      I needed love (you were there)
Wells Fargo         Watch out
Wells Fargo         Love of my life
Wells Fargo         Shades of Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo         Open the door
        Liner notes:
Patti Smith Group                       Frederik
Patti Smith Group                       So you want to be (a rock 'n' roller)
Prince                   Controversy
Prince                   Ronnie, talk to Russia
Prince                   Annie Christian
Prince                   Sign o' the Times
Prince                   U got the look
Prince                   It
Prince                   Starfish & Coffee
Typically Tropical                        Barbados
Typically Tropical                        Sandy
Toyah                   Be proud be loud (be heard)
Toyah                    Laughing with the fools
Tears for Fears     Ideas as opiates
Tears for Fears    Mad World
Hildegard von Binge Drinking      Read-Only Memories
Hildegard von Binge Drinking      Sigma Bands
Hildegard von Binge Drinking      Slow Wave