superstar rotation: It's only a Northwestern Song

DJ Vollkasko's annual Pacific Northwestern radio show again chock-full with amazing artists from Bellingham, Wa., and all around the Puget Sound!

Since 2007 Vollkasko presents Northwestern bands and artists on radio x with at least one dedicated 120 minute-show per year (and in 2007 and 2009 even two resp. three shows!), usually focusing on Bellingham and B'ham alumni (which usually means Anacortes, Olympia, Seattle and Portland, Or.). Besides, of course, including Northwestern bands any old time the occasion permits.

This year, we reacquainted ourselves with old heroes such as Karl Blau and Math and Physics Club and discovered new favourites, for an extraordinarily eclectic mix of extravagant excellence!

superstar rotation. The Official Home Away from Home of Pacific Northwestern Music.™

DJV's Northbestern Playlists 2012-15:


Math And Physics Club    Love, Again
Math And Physics Club    When We Get Famous
Math And Physics Club    Weekends Away
The Heligoats                   Pick a Campsite
The Heligoats                   Snakes, Jellyfish, Sandcastles
The Heligoats                   My Camping Trip from Hell
Karl Blau                          That's How I Got To Memphis [Cover Bobby Bare]
Karl Blau                          To Love Somebody [Cover The Bee Gees]
Karl Blau                          If I Needed You [Cover Townes Van Zandt]
The Co Founder               His Own Damn Self
The Co Founder               A90
The Co Founder               Either Way
Vervex                              Purple
Vervex                              Horizon Lines
melodysheep                    Blue & Beautiful (feat. Neil Armstrong)
melodysheep                    A Wave of Reason (feat. Bertrand Russell, Carl Sagan, Michael Shermer, Lawrence Krauss, Phil Plait, and Richard Feynman)
melodysheep                    We Are Star Dust (feat. Neil deGrasse Tyson, Richard Feynman, and Lawrence Krauss)
Manatee Commune          Heal
Odesza feat. Zyra             Say My Name (Manatee Commune Remix)
Eastern Souvenirs            Sky
Vacationeer                      Memories
Vacationeer                      OMG
Vacationeer                       Unprepared
Candysound                     Only at Night
Hello, I'm Sorry                 Drunk Spanish
Hello, I'm Sorry                 S'alright
Hello, I'm Sorry                 Trying
Fictions                             You Are A Stairwell
Girl Teeth                          This man (Ate my son)
Babe Waves (formerly Fallopia)    Learn. Consume. Repeat.
La Luz                               True Love Knows
Verner Pantons                 Melancholy Girl