Politics to Make You Shiver!

DJ Vollkasko's creepy and scary Monstrous Election Party combines the haunting horror of this year's American presidential election campaign with the bloodcurdling terror of his own inimitably eclectic musical taste.

Be afraid! Be very afraid!

Very special thanks to Lucky Brown and Jeffrey Lewis for their contributions, which are exclusive world radio premieres! Also to the artists of 30 Days, 30 Songs, whose songs were European on-air premieres!

Lucky Brown http://funkandplayer.blogspot.de
Jeffrey Lewis http://www.thejeffreylewissite.com
30 Days, 30 Songs http://www.30days30songs.com

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Thao Nguyen       Before You Vote [30 Days, 30 Songs]
Lucky Brown & The S.G.'s    JUSTICE [Instrumental]
M (= Robin Scott)    Join the Party
Johnny Cash       The One On The Right Is One The Left
M. A. Numminen    Ich mit meiner Braut im Parlamentspark
Jonathan Coulton   The Presidents
Nixon Now!          The Politician [Cover Dimentia 13]
Pete Wylie & Wah!  The Day That Margaret Thatcher Dies (A Party Song)
Boris Budd & The Waterboarders    Conglomeratocracy
Fellow Travellers (i.e. Jeb Loy Nichols)    Freedom To Be Poor
Egil Olsen            Dear Mr Man [Cover Prince]
Firewater              A Little Revolution
The Last Poets    When The Revolution Comes
Bobby Conn         No Revolution
The Chi-Lites       (For God's Sake) Give More Power to the People
Rocko Schamoni & Mirage    Die geheime Weltregierung [Cover Guz]
rx feat George W. Bush    It's the End of the World [Cover REM]
MC Frontalot        Special Delivery [Mission Accomplished Remix]
Dennis Kucinich vs. DJ Icey    Bass Wakes Up America
rx feat. John Kerry             I'm John Kerry
Z-Trip                    Obama Set - Outtake 1 ("Yes we can")
Fosforo                 Cumbia de Obama
Andre Williams     America
Boris Budd & The Waterboarders Teabagger Song
Girl Teeth             This man (ate my son)
Argo Navis            Elections
Death Cab for Cutie    Million Dollar Loan [30 Days, 30 Songs]
Franz Ferdinand         Dirty Demagogue [30 Days, 30 Songs]
Aimee Mann               Can't You Tell [30 Days, 30 Songs]
rx feat. George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton    My Generation [Cover The Who]
Jeffrey Lewis        Clinton-Song Take Three
Ratatat                  Kennedy [Instrumental]
Bobby Conn & The Glass Gypsies    Relax