Double Diamond

von 19 - 21 Uhr mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes
Talkover Music: Donald Austin * Pea Shooter

The Jacobites * Where the Rivers End

Hurricane #1 * Think of the sunshine
Percy Mayfield * Louisiana
Gene Stridel * Let her go
Sleaford Mods * Giddy On The Ciggies
Knarf Rellöm with the Shi-Sha Shellöm * Change is gonna come
Phyllis Dillon * Make Me Yours

Tex Williams And His Western Caravan * I Got Texas In My Soul
Buck Owens and his Buckaroos * Act Naturally
Tyrone Davis * Can I Change My Mind
Ruth Brown * You're a stone groovy thing
The Strange Boys * Be Brave
The Wrong Society * She destroyed me
You'll never walk alone * Gerry & The Pacemakers + Anfield Road

The Crimes * I wanna see the stars
Barstool Kings * Fear and loathing 83
Walt Ribe * Hit The Road Jack
Das Orchester der Berliner Stadtreinigungs-Betriebe * Moskauer Nächte
Theo Krieger & Christl Pullmann * J. L. Trintingnant
Francoise Hardy * Dis lui non

Danny Boy * Kokomo Me Baby
Me First And The Gimme Gimmes * Straight Up
Gigolo Aunts * Why can't we live together
Delroy Wilson * Dancing Mood
Mama Rosin * Dancing Shoes
Hank Thompson * A Six Pack To Go

Musik für leere Diskotheken * Zweitverwerter
Poems (Fragments) + uni iso * Jack Kerouac + Alva Noto
Zombies * Stick and Stones
The Grabbeltons * Make love
The Arrogants * We're arrogant
Earl Gaines * You Are My Sunshine

 Dogs * Bird Doggin'

*** end of show

The Crimes & Barstool Kings & Double Diamond * 17.10.15 * Dreikönigskeller
Musik für leere Diskotheken * 25.10.15 * Dreikönigskeller
Knarf Rellöm * 24.11.15 * Mousonturm
The Alan Baker Band * 05.12.15 * Dreikönigskeller