Single Diamond

von 19 - 21 Uhr


Blind Blake * gin & cocunut water

Bobby Womack * california dreamin (live)

Marvin Gaye * let’s get it on (live)

Millie Jackson * (if loving you is wrong) i don’t want to be right

Millie Jackson * the rap

Millie Jackson * (if loving you is wrong) i don’t want to be right (reprise)

House of Love * christine

The Go-Betweens * karen

Fehlfarben * jenseits der tür

Johnny Cash * any old wind that blows

Jerry Jeff Walker * mr. bojangles

Mazzy Star * i’ve been let down

Beth Gibbons * tom the model

Milo Binder * dancing queen

The Roots * the seed (2.0)

Gang Starr * take two and pass

The all seeing I * beat goes on

Isolée * beau mot plage

The Uniques * my conversation

Robert Mitchum * what is this generation coming to

King Floyd * groove me

William Bell * phases of reality

Suzi Quatro * if you can’t give me love

The Smiths * what difference does it make?

Television Personalities * three wishes

Billy Bragg * the saturday boy

Lee Hazelwood * for a day like today

Merle Haggard * swinging doors

Robert Mitchum * walkers woods

The Beach Boys * it’s about time

von 19 - 21 Uhr

mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes


A drastic measure * new york limousine

Jonathan Richmann * roadrunner
Okra Allstars * new orleans

Johnny Cash * understand your man

The Roots * the seed (2.0)

Tocotronic * ich hab geträumt ich wäre pizza essen mit marc e. smith

24 Carrat Black * ghetto: misfortunes wealth

Carlton and the shoes * love me forever

Elvis Costello * i want you

Laura Nyro * you've really got a hold on me

Scotty * skank in bed

Merle Haggard & Bonnie Owens * forever and ever

Willie Nelson * ain't necessarily so

Lee Hazlewood * i'd rather be your enemy

Neil Diamond * song sung blue

The Go-Betweens * mrs morgan

Barbara Morgenstern * aus heiterem himmel

Andreas Dorau * komm wieder

Afghan Whigs * somethin' hot

Noir Desir * l'homme pressé

Neil Young * cortez the killer

Lou Rawls * natural man

Redondo Beat * into the groove

Velvet Underground * sunday morning

The Roots * act too (the love of my life)

Lassie Singers * hamburg

Johnny Cash & June Carter * the loving gift

Nancy Sinatra * sugartown

Lee Hazlewood * no train to stockholm

The Beat * spar wid me

The young holt trio * ain't there something that money can't buy

von 19 - 21 Uhr

mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes


Barbara Morgenstern * der wunsch teil drei

Al Green * look what you done for me

Impressions * fool for you

Stevie Wonder * don't know why i love you

Calexico feat. Valerie Leulliot * sundown sundown

Cake * friend is a four letter word

Johnny Cash & June Carter * oh what a good thing we had

Johnny Cash * one

Nirvana Devils * hellbound train

Gun Club * cry to me

Elvis * stranger in my hometown

Rheingold * dreiklangdimensionen

Ben Harper * excuse me

Cpt Kirk & * age of self

Gigolo Aunts * why can't this be love

Jerry Lee Lewis * jambalaya

Milkshakes * brand new cadillac

The Roots * the seed (2.0)

Youth Explosion * san franciscan nights

Edwin Collins * take care of yourself

J. Livingston - R. Evans * Bonanza

Afghan Whigs * somethin' hot

Baby you know * el paso

Flowerpornoes * nicht müde genug

Lee Hazlewood * the night before

Willie Nelson * the highway

Van Morrison * waiting game

James * sit down

Steve Westfield * all around you

von 19 - 21 Uhr

mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes


Tony Allen * crazy afrobeat

Aretha Franklin * eleanor rigby

Lou Rawls * a natural man

Lemonheads * my drug buddy
Howling Wilf & the vee-jays * don't let it be in vain

Primal Scream * ivy ivy ivy

Grant Hart * all of my senses

Blumfeld * pickelface ist back in town

Barbara Morgenstern * nichts und niemand

Kim Fowley * almost summer

Velvet Underground * beginning to see the light

Bob Marley * kaya

The beat * pato and roger a go talk

D'Angelo * smooth
Jon Lucien * the ghetto song

Gang Starr * i'm the man

Toots and the Maytals * funky kingston

Sugar * a good idea

Sugar * changes

The Nomads * she pays the rent

Etta James * tell mama

Elvis Costello * radio sweetheart

Lee Hazlewood * pray them bars away

Baby you know * i love you still

Charles Aznavour * du lässt dich geh'n

I Wonder * daydream in blue

Carol King * it's too late

A Drastic Measure * soul of the century

Van Morrison * tupelo honey

Bob Dylan * i want you

Groove Armada * at the river

Jacques Brel * ne me quitte pas

von 19 - 21 Uhr

mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes


Fonosandwich * rider sweet

Dogs * home is where i want to be

Petula Clark * don't sleep in the subway
Two lone swordsmen * the bunker

Carpenters * calling occupants of interplanetary craft

The Go-Betweens * draining the pool for you

Birds * jennifer has several wigs for her pussy

Move D remix of Blaktroniks * raindrops

Lou Rawls * old man's memories

Lou Rawls * it was a very good year

The Vietnam Veterans * gary cooper's trip

Nicolle Meyer * nowhere bei mir

Blumfeld * nowhere bei mir

Barbara Morgenstern * nichts muss

The Style Council * a stones throw away

Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man * mysteries

Love Inc. * life's a gas

The Go-Betweens * doo wop in "a" bam boom

MC Solar * funky dreamer

DefCon 5 & Bluu * goodbye

James Taylor * you've got a friend

The Vulgar Boatmen * stop alternating

Joy Division * decades

Sergej Auto * bravo! kta-3000

Johnny Cash & June Carter * what'd i say

The Go-Betweens * make her day

"Soul & Country"

von 19 - 21 Uhr

mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes


Jerry Jeff Walker * david and me

Impressions * the young mods' forgotten story

Charles Wright *

Charley Pride * place for the lonesome

Lee Hazlewood * the night before

The Handsome Family * lake geneva

Timmy Thomas * cold cold people

Dusty Springfield * love power

Paul Thompson * special kind of woman

Mary J. Blige * i love you

Willie Nelson * the highway

The Beat Farmers * happy boy

24 Carrat Black * brown-baggin'

Donnie * turn around

Jerry Lee Lewis * jambalaya

Ween * piss up a rope

Johnny Cash & June Carter * oh, what a good thing we had

William Bell & Judy Clay * my baby specializes

Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger * seasons of the witch

Dorsey Burnette * oh what a town

Johnny Cash * any old wind that blows

Carol King *

Martin Luther King * i have a dream (speech)

Marvin Gaye * what's going on

Jimmy Thomas * down in the valley

Wanda Jackson * d.i.v.o.r.c.e

Viola Wills * sweetback

Lee Hazlewood * ten or 11 towns ago

Donny Hathaway * the ghetto

"Gitarre & Soul"
von 19 - 21 Uhr

mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes


Oasis * bring it on down

Tina Turner * good times

24 Carat Black * ghetto: misfortune's wealth

Love * maybe the people would be the times or between clark and hilldale

Urge Overkill * emmaline

Marlena Shaw * mercy mercy mercy

John Lennon * cold turkey

Vietnam Veterans * right track now

Chocolate Milk * action speaks louder than words

Marva Whitney * things got to get better (get together)

Gun Club * sex beat

The Go-Betweens * mrs morgan

Al Green * simply beautiful

Afghan Whigs * 66

Solomon Burke * got to get you off my mind

Blumfeld * verstärker

The Weather Prophets * almost prayed

Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band * love land

David Porter * hang on sloopy

Sophia * so slow

Pulp * this is hardcore

James Brown & Lyn Collins * this girl's in love with you

Gil Scott-Heron * lady day and john coltrane

The Sheets * candy mountain blue

The Jesus and Mary Chain * happy when it rains

Aretha Franklin * hey mr dj (5 for the dj)

Johnny Cash * spiritual