Musikauswahl und Moderation: Timo R. u. Reiner Bös


01. ERIK FRIEDLANDER- low country copula

v.A. "Bonebridge" (Skipstone Records 2011)

02. OLAFUR ARNALDS - new light

v.A. "Living Room Songs" (Erased Tapes 2011)

03. THE AMERICAN DOLLAR- the slow weight Part 1+2

v. A. "A Memory Stream" (Yesh 2008)

04. THE BOATS- the ballad of failure

v.A. "Ballads of the research department" (12k 2012)

05. LAURA GIBSON- la grande

06. LAURA GIBSON- crow/swallow

beide v.A. "La grande" (City Slang 2012)

06. SLEEPY SUN - white dove

v.A. "Embrace" (ATP Recordings 2009)


v.A. "Eve" ( Supernatural Cat 2010)

08. DIRTY THREE- there was was

09. DIRTY THREE- furnace skies

beide v.A. "Toward the slow sun" (Bella Union 2012)

10. DAMIEN JURADO- nothing is the news

11. DAMIEN JURADO- reel to reel

beide v.A. "Maraqopa" (Secretly Canadian 2012)

12. MARK KOZELEK - Kathy´s Song

v.A. "Little Drummer Boy - Live" (Caldo Verde Records 2006)

13. GRANT LEE BUFFALO - happiness

v.A. "Mighty Joe Moon" (Slash 1994)

14. THE ELECTRIC PRESIDENT - violent blue

v.A. "Violent Blue" (Fake Four Inc. 2010)

15. XIU XIU- say hi

16. XIU XIU- the oldness

beide v.A. "Always" (Polyvinyl 2012)

17. BRENDAN PERRY - this boy

v.A. "Ark" (Cooking Vinyl 2010)