mit Gast Kai Schmidt, Konzert- u. Event-Veranstalter

und Reiner Bös

Unterlegmusik: Danny Paul Grody- Between two worlds (3Lobed 2013)


01. THESE NEW PURITANS- fragment two
02. THESE NEW PURITANS- organ eternal
v.A. "Field of reeds" (Infectious 2013)
03. JULIA HOLTER- in the green wild
v. A. "Loud city song" (Domino 2013)
04. HAUSCHKA- two am
v.A. "Salon des Amateurs" (FatCat 2011)
05. STEVE JANSEN-Sow The Salt
v.A. "Slope" (Samadhisound 2007)

06. LANEWAY- love is a devil
v.A. "Turn Your Love Up" (Crawler Records, 2012)
07. THE GO-BETWEENS- darlinghurst nights
v.A. "Ocean apart" (tuition, 2005)
08. RUE ROYALE- ufo
v.A. "Rue Royale" (very fine records, 2011)
09. DAKOTA SUITE-a comfortable lie
v.A. "An almost silent life" (Glitterhouse 2012)
10. WOLFGANG MÜLLER- immer noch fahrrad
v.A. "Über die Unruhe" (Fressmann 2012)

11. ENNO BUNGER- blockaden
v.A. "Wir sind vorbei" (PIAS 2011)
12. NILS KOPPRUCH- den teufel tun
v.A. "Den Teufel tun" (Grand Hotel Van Cleef 2010)
13.Svavar Knútur - baby would you marry me
v.A. "Ölduslód" (Beste! Unterhaltung, 2012)
14. SNAILHOUSE- dollar signs
v.A. "Lies on the prize" (Mi Amante 2008)

v.A. "Greatest Hits" (Strange & Beautiful 2006)
16. ANIKA- love buzz
v. EP "Anika EP" (Stones Throw 2013)
17. KREIDLER- evil love
v.A. "Tank" (Bureau B 2011)
18. +/- (Plus/Minus)- fadeout
v.A. "Let´s build a fire" (Absolutely Kosher 2006)
19. CLEM SNIDE- ballad of saint paull
v.A. "We leave only ashes" (

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