Playlists - Herr Ebu

h1: Ein Radio X Kellerfund + sonstige Musik mit Anekdoten
h2: Cassette-Culture mit Music & Elsewhere und anderen Dingen

01. MINA rotes plastik (CD "Musik fürs Wohnzimmer", 2000, Monika Enterprise Berlin, Germany)
02. INOX KAPELL - Interviewausschnitte
03. PHILLIP BOA & THE VOODOOCLUB my sweet devil in the sky (CD "Aristocracie", 1986, Constrictor, Germany)
04. TOM WAITS fish & bird (CD "Alice", 2002, Anti-, Epitaph, Europe)
05. BUKI YAMAZ moonfighter (LP "Segundo", 1976, Stuk, Denmark)
06. STINA NORDENSTAM keen yellow planet (CD "This Is Stina Nordenstam", 2001, Independiente, England)
07. HANDSOME FAMILY winnebago skeletons (CD "Milk And Scissors", 1996, Scout Releases, Germany)
07. IVAN SPIELT AKKUSTISCH VORWIEGEND DEUTSCHES LIEDGUT tausend kleine tode (CDr "Fingerspritze", 2012, Cash For Trash Music, Germany)
08. TRAINS AND BOATS AND PLANES all my friends (CD "Engulfed", 1992, Cloudland, Denmark)
09. THE GO-BETWEENS twin layers of lightning (CD "Liberty Belle And The Black Diamond Express", 1986, Rebel Rec., Germany)
10. THE CHAIN RELEASE database of lost souls (MP3, 2013, Germany)

11. THE TUTSIS snake dance (DVD "Decadion 2", 2013, Music & Elsewhere, England)
12. KARDA ESTRA transference (DVD "Decadion 2"...)
13. KARDA ESTRA atom of warmth (Download-Compilation "Music & Elsewhere, Showcase - New Year 2014", England)
14. THOSE WHO SURVIVED THE PLAGUE big crime 89 (DVD "Decadion 2"...)
15. OPERA MULTI STEEL les douleurs de l'ennui (Download-Compilation "Music & Elsewhere Showcase...)
16. FEROX naked truth (Download-Compilation "Music & Elsewhere Showcase...)
17. MR. MOTO mr. monifmix (C60 "-V- 5.Moniflabelsampler", 1996, Das MonifLabel, Switzerland)
18. XX uu (C60 "UU", 1981, Funafuti Tapes, T-03, Germany)
19. ACID REST FUNKER juzzride (Self-recorded, 2013, Germany)


Näxt Show: Tuesday, 4th March 2014, 20-22h / 8-10pm
Kontakt: carsten (at) ebusmusic (dot) com