mit Zwen, Oh Zwen!

01 Floyd Lawson & The Hearts Of Stone- k gee
02 The Style Council- a solid bond in your heart
03 Nigel Clark- don´t give up
04 Jack Adaptor- we can shout loudest
05 Sleeping Policemen- no secret
06 Cats On Fire- a different light
07 Hal- going to the city
08 Superpunk- neue Zähne für meinen Bruder und mich
09 Lord Large feat. Dean Parrish- left, right & center
10 Mel Britt- she´ll come running back
11 Fibes, Oh Fibes!- goodbye to love
12 Julian Velard- Jimmy Dean & Steve McQueen
13 Napoleon- red pullover
14 Ruby Andrews- just loving you
15 Tony Christie- I thank you
16 Bobby Paris- let me show you the way
17 The Sugar Bears- all of my life
18 Soil & "Pimp" Session feat. Maia Hirasawa- movin´
19 The Blow Monkeys- walking the blue beat