mit Andreas & Zwen


01 International Pony- wow!

02 Mover- move over

03 The Merton Parkas- plastic smile

04 Jack Penate- got my favourite

05 Die Liga Der Gewöhnlichen Gentlemen- jeder auf Erden ist schön ( sogar du)

06 Tahiti 80- come around

07 Liza Minelli- dancing in the moonlight

08 Ouch- life goes on

09 Keith- you will come running back to me

10 Dee D. Jackson- didn´t think you do it

11 Serenade- maybe this time

12 Smokey Robinson- the family song

13 Patrick Gammon- when can I see you

14 Ben E. King- I betcha didn´t know that

15 Yello Magic Orchestra- thighten up