mit grossomat & zwenno

01 Vigil- gym 78

02 Bridge- hello horseface

03 Lloyd Cole- down at the mission

04 Great And Lady Soul- blue sky over proberty

05 The Newcolours- do you want to pray

06 Der Englische Garten- der Wind

07 Lucky Soul- white russian doll

08 The Embassy- it pays to belong

09 Honigritter- Johnny der Held

10 The Elwins- sittin´pretty

11 Rita Calypso- kinky love

12 Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band- newby street

13 Betty Swan- I want sunday back again

14 Bobby Boyd- why are you crying

15 Paul Anka- that´s what living´s about

16 Lukay Sherfey- soul vacation