mit Puk und Plek

01 Steve Alaimo- every day I have to cry

02 Teenage Fanclub- the first sight

03 The Holiday Crowd- another nite

04 Swimming Tapes- souvenirs

05 Pictured Resort- now and on

06 Tender Leaf- oh, stop

07 The Jacksons- show you the way to go

08 Bottom & Company- gonna find a true love

09 Ralph Graham- what am I to do

10 Holland- Dozier- new bread kinda woman

11 Fred Hughes- can´t make it without you

12 Lighthouse- pretty lady

13 Mr. Day- tears of joy

14 Georgie Fame- we were always sweethearts

15 The Staple singers- (sittin´on the) dock of the bay

16 Magnus Carlson- jag hatar jag