mit Zwensson

01 David & The Citizens- one day, one day, one day

02 Eggstone- beach boy

03 Andreas Mattsson- sekunderna

04 Moneybrother- bombarded in Rio

05 Wannadies- love in june

06 Jens Lekman- wedding in Finistere

07 Bmx Bandits- space girl

08 Swimming Tapes- set the fire

09 The Bridge- break it

10 Tracie- same feelings without the emotions

11 Magnus Carlsson- den langa vägen hem

12 Ruby Winters- better

13 Kylie Auldist- still life

14 Barbara Pennington- I can´t erase the thoughts of you

15 The Inspirations- your wish ia my command

16 Donny Gerard- he´s always somewhere around

17 Rose Royce- is it love you´re after?