mit zwen


01 Abc- date stamp

02 Tellef Raabe- Faye Dunaway

03 Fine China- the light of spring

04 Newcolours- without u

05 Pictured Resort- southern freeway

06 Tears For Fears- closest thing to heaven

07 Dan P. & The Bricks- Shirley

08 Death Of Guitar Pop- welcome back

09 Leo & The Linup- hit the streets

10 Pama International- I still love you more

11 Caltonettes Serenade- that´s why I love you

12 The Delegators- nowhere to run

13 Magnus Carlson- the long way home

14 That Driving Beat- I´m getting tired

15 Patricia Holloway- the touch of venus

16 The Monitors- crying in the night

17 The Inspirations- your wish is my command

18 Lou Roberts- she´s not mommys little girl anymore