mit Zwen


01 Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers- egyptian reggae

02 Eggstone- the late

03 Tahiti 80- made first (never forget)

04 The Pale- Krakatoa

05 My LIfe Story- taking on the world

06 Mighty Mighty- where would I be

07 Pictured Resort- play it by ear

08 Nona Reeves- saturday lover

09 Friedrich Sunlight- sag es erst morgen

10 Die Liga Der Gewöhnlichen Gentlemen- ein Leben in rot mit purpurnen  Blitzen

11 Bazooka Cain- Frühling im Herbst

12 Nick Corbin- never did look like love

13 Monks Road Social feat. Hague & White- if it was all down to me

14 Earnest Ernie & The Sincerities- do something

15 Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose- too late to turn back now

16 That Driving Beat- my weakness is you