mit Zwen

01 Cass Eliott- make your own kind of music

02 Bobby Paris- let me show you the way

03 Beverly Bremers- get smart, girl

04 Mark LIndsay- we´ve only just begun

05 Lighthouse- pretty lady

06 Rocko Schamoni- auf dem Weg hinab

07 Freidrich Sunlight- wenn du mich suchst

08 Yvon Im Kreis Der Liebe- Nikotina Turner

09 Jonathan Jeremiah- good day

10 Monks Road Social feat. Dr. Robert & The Superimposers- make it all better

11 Death Of Guitar Pop- stay golden

12 Melbourne Ska Orchestra- learn to love again

13 Phoenix City All Stars- under my thumb

14 Shirley Davis & The Silverbacks- dilemma

15 Earbest Ernie & The Sincerities- when

16 The Scooters- hang on in there. baby