mit Zwen

01 Nah- apple blossoms

02 Hideki Kaji- naked coffee affogato

03 Always You- black city nights

04 Venus Peter- heartbeat

05 Subterfudge- the snake wife

06 Modesty Blaise- out tonight

07 Foreign Correspondent- crying in your sports car

08 Nona Reeves- ain´t no mountain high enoughj

09 Carmy Love- thinkin´about you

10 The Regime- never gonna stop

11 Die LIga Der Gewöhnlichen Gentlemen- später kommen, früher gehen

12 Peggy Gaines- when the boy that you love (is loving you)

13 Jaquelin Jones- a frown ob my face

14. Carol Thompson- feel the magic

15. Inokasira Rangers- it´s a shame