WATTSTAX 72´ - Peace Be Still / The Emotions
DIVA – Sentimental Walk / Vladimir Cosma
RETURN OF THE LIVING DEATH – Burn The Flames / Rocky Erikson
BILITIS – I Need A Man / Francis Lai
JERRY COTTAN – Cought At Midnight / Petter Thomas Sound Orchester
LES STANCES A SOPHIE – Theme De Yoyo / Art Ensemble Of Chicago
SHORT EYES – Do Do Wap Is Strong Here / Curtis Mayfield
TOUGH GUYS – Joe Bell / Isaak Hayes
LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS – Prolog Theme Song / Bob Gaudio
ALL THIS IS WORLDWAR II – Sun King / The Bee Gees
BRODWAY DANNY ROSE – Agita / Nick Apollo Forte
THE JUNGLE BOOK – Jungle Book Groove / R..M. Sherman, R.B. Sherman, T. Gilkyson
SIN & SOUL – But I Was Cool / Oscar Brown
CREAM - SCHWABING REPORT – Don´t Turn The Light On, Leave Me Alone
M EINE STADT SUCHT EINEN MÖRDER – In Der Höhle Des Bergkönigs / Live Interpretation von Siebentausend Arschgeigen
ANNIE GET YOUR GUN – Ther´s No Business Like Show Business / Irving Berlin
MIAMI VICE – Theme Extended Remix / Jan Hammer
HANNA – The Devil Is In The Beats / Chemical Brothers
BUCK ROGERS – Buck Rogers / The Splash Band
THE FOG - NEBEL DES GRAUENS – Main Theme / John Carpenter
BEATLEJUICE – Main Theme / Danny Elfman
SUPERMAN II – Honymoon Hotel / Ken Thorne, John Williams
MASKERADE – Skit / Hans Moser
SATHURDAY NIGHT FEVER – Night Fever / The Bee Gees