Öder Abend: 25.07.2022


01 mach unseren kindern kleider aus fischhaut und asbest
02 like you do when you’re five years old
03 daddy gon’ give me ol’ horse and carriage
04 oh, no!
05 come and meet your new relations
06 or we could run away tonite
07 i was your butch and you were touched
08 the orchid in the canyon is the one for me
09 but all i got was a bite
10 alles was im dunkeln lebt trifft sich heute nacht
11 waiting now to see the bridgegroom
12 your’re like the guitar in the hand of a man that just can’t play
13 me fry the chicken and you boil the rice
14 that’s when i cried
15 with hair cold black as a raven
16 ting a ling a ling a ling a ling a ling a ling a ling a ling
17 he sent a message in a bottle to the queen
18 i don’t no why
19 i will love you with all my heart
20 wo der polarstern steht