soulsearching #698ffm/#637 international
w/michael rütten
feat. ole smokeys
dedication to john barry

Sun Ra - When There Is No Sun - Horo
Sun Ra Arkestra - The Sky Is A Sea Of Darkness When There Is No Sun To Light The Way - Kindred Spirits
Africa Hitech - Light The Way - Warp Promo
Fatima & Floating Points - Red Light - Eglo Promo
Theo Parrish - I Can't Take It - Sound Signature
Andrew Wartts & The Gospel Storytellers - Peter & John - Numero Group
Jed & Lucia - Helium - Ubiquity
Prommer & Barck - Lovin (Album Version) - Derwin Promo
Bibio - Light Seep - Warp Promo
Scott Cunningham - Morning Madness - Les Disques Superfriends
Triste Janero - In The Garden - Jazzman

ALL EDITS BY OLE SMOKEY a soulsearching mixtape
Gene Wilder - Pure Imagination (Edit) - Paramount
John Barry - Living Twice On The Mountain At Sunset (Edit) - United Artists
Anthony Newley - Feeling Good (Sun Sea & Sky Edit) - RCA Victor)
Led Zeppelin - What Is And What Never Should Be (Trip To The Castle Edit) - Atlantic
Nino Ferrer - Looking For You (Hidden In The Crowd Edit) - CBS
Tom Rapp - For The Dead In Space (Flowers Of Mars Edit) - Blue Thumb
The Spiders - People Deceive (Forbidden Dreams Edit) - RCA Camden
Emergency - My Woman's Gone Now (Syaing My Prayers Inst Edit) - CBS
Family - How Hi The Li (Road To Reality Edit) - Reprise
Jean Ferrat - A Moi L'afrique (Out Of Africa Edit) - Barclay
39.4 - Ciudad Express (Non Stop To The Border Edit) - CBS
Al Kooper - I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes - Elektra
Alzo & Udine - Lead You Down That Road - Mercury
America - Are You There (Cry To The Underground Edit) - Warner
Batteaux - High Tide (Music In The Sea Edit) - Columbia
David Bowie - Soul Love ( Stone Love Edit) - RCA Victor
Justine - Is That Good That's Nice - Uni/Sunbeam

Gatto Fritto - Invisible College - International Feel Promo



"Dedicated to the memory of John Barry for the many years of music and films I’ve loved since I was a nipper at the premiere of Goldfinger" that's what Kevin Jenkins aka Ole Smokey said about his mix selection which is full of his own brilliant edits. No more edits you say? Well, let's say we keep the real good ones and disregard the rest, ok? Kevin is not only doing his editing the real oldschool way like cutting reel to reels, his selection of the music is different and breathes a long years and many decades lasting musical experience, livin in San Francisco, then returning to Chester and being one of the few real residents at the Garden Festival, Zadar each summertime since 2005. Check his page for more adventures into so many unheard pearls and for ole smokey and garden festival for more mixes by the man. thanks and hope to see you in summer again, Kevin!
triple SunRaness kickin off this weeks 120, getting more and more into the outstanding album by Africa Hitech, followed by Floating Points and Fatima goin Theo Parrish all the way, And that tune that's doin the rounds since DJ Shadow played it last year on GPs show. BIG gospel JB funk. And another song from the nice Bibio longplayer, soon to come through Warp Records. One more rediscovery gems by Franck Foubert et Les Superfriends crew out of Annecy/Lyon plus a replay for Triste Janero, there you go into the mix....finishing off in a balearic Jazz Funk style, courtesy of Gatto Fritto.
It's all good,
enjoy the music.