Robert Glasper - Got Over w/Harry Belafonte - Capitol 
Harry Belafonte - Merci Bon Dieu (Carnegie Hall 1958) - RCA Victor 
Alabaster De Plume - Child Playing In The Forbidden Ruins - International Anthem
Dean Fraser - African Elation - Island Jamaica Jazz 
Wolfgang Lauth Combo - Ich Rede Wenn Ich Schweigen Sollte - Tramp Records
The Circling Sun - Kohan - Soundway
Caixa Cubo - Asase - Jazz & Milk
Erick Cosaque - Guadeloupe, Île de Mes Amours - Heavenly Sweetness
Lord Echo - Wohaa“ There Is No Limit (Japan Special Version) - Soundway
Isolée - Coco’s Visa - Resort Island
Domenico Lancellotti - Ere - Mais Um Discos
Scott Towers aka Chopper Reeds (NZ) words & music
The Lahaar - Step 2 feat. Chopper Reeds - Soundway
Nu Moodie - Can You Feel Your Heartbeat (Dub) - LRM
Jayme Marques - Vera Cruz - RCA Spain
Chocolate Milk - Action Speaks Louder Than Words - RCA 
Voltage Brothers - Happening In The Streets (domo domo Rework) - Vega Records
Johnny Hammond - Los Conquistadors Chocolates (Moplen Dizco Delight - part 1) - High Fashion
Dinosaur L - Go Bang (Francois Kevorkian Mix) - Sleeping Bag 
Isolée - Pardon My French - Resort Island
Surprise Chef - New Ferrari (Harvey Sutherland’s Weird Flex) - Mr Bongo 
Tony Troutman - What’s The Use - Jerri Records
Joe Henderson - The Kicker - Milestone 
always good to see a friend. 
spontaneous visit by Scott Towers aka Chopper Reeds (Fat Freddy’s Drop). 
talking about his travels with his family, food and some vinyl he picked up in Spain, Portugal and London. 
churs ! and see you again in Berlin July 14th and August 6th then for a very special end of tour session here in Frankfurt!
next week May 4th Arno Schäfer will be sitting in for me with another brilliant selection for soulsearching.