playlist from Arno Schäfer, once again sitting in for me, merc i !

Christina petrie- Christmas decorations
Alice coltrane-krishna Krishna
Tagore-meditation on a landscape
Spatial-bass for love
Roland boquet-paradia
Roland boquet-djerba

Irmin schmidt-endstation Freiheit 
Houschyar-all the music in the street 
Lisa ngwa-alima
Siti muharam-pakistan
Laura michelle-you always hurt the one you love

Jess roden-loving you
Francois tusques-le musichien
Dennis taylor-bicycle town
Felt-seahorses on broadway 
Omnibus gardens-watering plants
Benjamin lew-le Personal prinzipiell est und peuple isole
Attilio-sight Evaluation samba

Klaus schonning-lysstreif