Spacy Stardust Show and The Tiles live at the Studio 1

Bam! Bam! – Golden Haze/ 2010
Rocket Motors – Let’s Do The Jenkka/Clevergreens, Noisecamp 2010
Roqueting Through Space / Fruits De Mer Recordings, 12”/7”, 2011
Helicon – Hallogallo ( Neu!) / Roqueting Through Space, 2011
Cranium Pie’s Research Baking Station – Blacksand ( Brainticket) / R.T.S.
Luck Of Eden Hall – Lucifer Sam ( Pink Floyd)/ Roqueting Through Space
The Pancakes – Living In The City/Vulcanic Frog Island, Kerntonschall 2010
The Satelliters – You Can’t Get Me Down/...Shake, Shake, Shake!, Dionysus 1998
The Electric Mess – Remember To Forgot Today/The Electric Mess, 2009
Vibravoid – No Silver Bird( Hooterville Trolley)/Roqueting Through Space, 2011
The Tiles – The Return of The Tiles/ Live EP 2010
The Tiles – The Opener
The Tiles – Remember Me
The Tiles – Little Dragon
The Tiles – Pig Sick
The Tiles Spacy Mix
The Byrds - Psychodrama City
Los Tres Sudamericanos – La Catedral De Winchester
Orchester Günther Gürsch – Puppets
Disco Tech – Let’s Go Back To Day One
Tim Hardin – Black Sheep Boy
Bob Dylan – I Want You