Santa's Supersleigh 3001.

Mit Alex, Ari, Isa, Claus, Piwi und Charly.


The Beginning Of The End: Gee Whiz, It's Christmas

Wain Nelson: Santa Claus

Moonlight Breakfast: Gingerbread

Kid Creole & The Coconuts: Christmas On Riverside Drive

Meiko: Maybe Next Year

Little Jimmy Thomas: Deck The Halls

Deidre & The Dark: The Ghost Of Christmas Past

Diana Krall: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Christopher Guest: Kung Fu Christmas

Vulfpeck: Christmas In L.A.

The Maytals: Christmas Feeling Ska

Aztec Camera: Walk Out To Winter

Low: Just Like Christmas

Juniore: Pour Noel Cette Année

El Perro Del Mar: Oh! What A Christmas

Spike Jones: Wouldn't It Be Fun To Be Santa Clause's Son

Tristen: Blue Christmas

Julian Casablanca: Christmas Treats

Beneath Her Parachute: December Cliché

Roses & Revolutions: It's Christmas Time

Brandi Carlisle: The Heartache Can Wait

Katy Perry: Every Day Is A Holiday

Dawn McCarthy & Bonnie Prince Billy: Christmas Eve Can Kill You

Vince Gueraldi Trio: Skating

Menace Beach: Holidays Are Heavy

Stars: Christmas Song

Rosie Thomas: Why Can't It Christmastime All Year?