I can drive you faster!

What's got four wheels, runs on dinosaur juice, stinks and is still awesome somehow?

Accompany our ever-adventurous DJ Vollkasko on an astonishing aural exploration of his erratic love/hate relationship with automobiles. A show like a car crash!

DJV: https://www.facebook.com/DJVollkasko
Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/470711223129752/473382802862594

Ben Gibbard                   405 [Solo, Cover Death Cab for Cutie]
Arcade Fire                     No Cars Go
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone    White Jetta
Bernd Begemann          Wir fahren nachts
Keaton Collective           Get In Yr Truck (Shut Yr Door)
Casuals                         Mustang 2+2
Camper Van Beethoven    Joe Stalin's Cadillac
Girl Guts                         Gasoline and Alcohol
Guided by Voices           Motor Away
Iggy Pop                         Highway Song
GUZ                                Benzin, Essen, Trinken und Schlafen
Dead Adair                     Autobahn
Fink                                 Autobahn [Cover Kraftwerk]
Superpunk                      Eine Autobahn Im Regen
Deadbolt                         Blacktop Fever
Merrill E. Moore              Hard Top Race
Jim Croce                       Rapid Roy (The Stock Car Boy)
King Black Acid               Always Crashing In The Same Car [Cover David Bowie]
She's Spanish, I'm American     Car Crash
Bum Khun Cha Youth     Beim Autounfall [Cover Swayzak "In The Car Crash"]
The Gun Club                 Ghost on the Highway
Lee Dorsey                     My Old Car
The Bottle Rockets         1000 Dollar Car
Michelle Shocked            One Piece At A Time [Cover Johnny Cash]
Unsettled Society           17 Diamond Studded Cadillacs
Howlin' Wolf                    Driving This Highway
Bo Diddley                      Cadillac
Jesters                            Cadillac Man
USS Horsewhip              Cop Cars In The Lettered Streets
Luke McDaniel                The Automobile Song
Richie Nell                       Baby du kannst mein Auto fahr'n [Cover The Beatles]
Lightnin' Hopkins            Automobile Blues
Big Star                           Back Of A Car
Leg Hounds                     Backseat Love
John Schooley And His One Man Band    Drive You Faster
Deadbolt                          Trucker's Rumble


superstar rotation. We drive you faster.™