Swinging Singles, Mystery Edition!

"You know the rules: A stack of singles, two dice, a broadcasting studio. The high dice picks the record, counting from the top, and the low dice picks odd or even sides. But who am I telling this--you wouldn't be in Vegas if you didn't know gamblin'!"

DJs Vollkasko and Briana, and a stack of old singles fresh from the fleamarket, never played by them before. Roll the dice to determine which single and which side will be played!

Some real rarities, some true oddities, a handful of hits and a good load of stunning surprises await you.

Tune in and let luck take control -- in the most mysterious radio show of the year!

superstar rotation. The aural twilight-zone.(TM)

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Barry White             Let the Music Play (1976, US R&B #8)
Austin Roberts        You Got the Power (1975, b-side of "Rocky", US #9)
Dionne Warwick      Heartbreaker (1982, UK #3)
Whodini                   Underground (1983, b-side of "Nasty Lady")
Anne Clark              Poem without Words I -- The Third Meeting (1987, b-side of Homecoming)
Blancmange            Don't Tell Me (1984, UK #8)
Blancmange           Get Out Of That (b-side of "Don't Tell Me")
Rocksteady Crew    Uprock (1984, #4 in Australia)
Ossi Trogger mit dem Orchesterverein Schwanheim        Goldsteiner Rose (1982, #1 in Goldstein)
Tight Fit                    Coco-Nite (1981, b-side of "Back To The Sixties Pt. 2", UK #33)
The Metal Gurus (= The Mission)      Metal Guru (1990)
Brian Wilson             Love and Mercy (1988, US Rock #40)
Jimmy "Bo" Horne    Let Me (Let Me Be Your Lover) (1978, US R&B #60)
20th Century Steel Band                    Theme from Shaft (1975)
The Whispers           Say You (Would Love For Me Too) (1980, b-side of !I Can make It Better")
Taranga                    Belle Mama (???)
Ultravox                    3 (1986, b-side of "Same Old Story")
Visage                      Fade to Grey (1980, UK #8, GER #1)
Westworld                Sonic Boom Boy (1987, UK #11)
Hansje                      Automobile (1979, CAN Top 20)
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich         Okay (1967, UK #4)