"Swinging Singles Vegas-Style"

Playlist superstar rotation, 24. Juli 2011
DJ Vollkasko

"You know the rules: A stack of singles, two dice, a broadcasting studio. The high dice picks the record, counting from the top, and the low dice picks odd or even sides. But who am I telling this, you wouldn't be in Vegas if you didn't know gamblin'!"

DJ Vollkasko und Miss Briana lassen dem Zufall seinen Lauf und sich überraschen, welche Musikauswahl da aus dem Würfelbecher zusammen geschüttelt wird.

Andre Williams: Prove it to me (2006)
Anus Presley: Chicago (2002)
Montesas: Sie ist so wunderschön (2004)
Kyu Sakamoto: Anoko-No (1961)
Demented are go: Sickness in Truth (2007)
Working Week feat Julie Tippetts: Storm of Light (1984)
The Hard Feelings: Leaving Me ALone (Cover Nathaniel Mayer, 2001)
Fellow Travellers: It's over (Cover Daniel Johnston, 1993)
Duran Duran: Make me Smile (Come up and see me) (Cover Steve Harley, 1984)
Sheila B. Devotion: Love me Baby (1977)
Bobby Conn: Government (Super Maxi Mix, 2010)
Inner City Jam Band: Hurt (1977)
Bernadette La Hengst: Ein Mädchen namens Gerd (2001)
Grant W. McLennan:She's so Strange (1991)
Men without Hats: Security (1982)
Julien Clerc: Coeur de Rocker (1982)
Low 500: Alice/Disco Life (2003)
Conny Froboess mit den Boys und den Girls--Schicke, schicke, Schuh (1958)
Alan Nöl:Tout l'monde cherche à s'débiner (1983)
Jesus Jones: Bring it on down (1989)
The White Stripes: Shelter of Your Arms (2005)
Anita: (I think) I'm in love with Travolta (1979)
Die Aeronauten: Frauen/Sensibel (2006)
Bob Log III: Daddy Log's Drive-In Candy Hoppin' Car Babes (1998)
Copy Cats: Slip Away (Cover Clarence Carter, 1998)
Lady Gaga: Telephone (Passion Pit Remix, 2010)
Beach Boys: Cabin Essence (Smile-Sessions, 1966)
Stereo Total: Holiday Inn (Aaviko-Remix, 1998)
Jeffrey Lewis: Spirit of Love (2002)