Playlist vom 25.09.2011

mit Andreas Wörner und ohne seine bessere Hälfte

The Middle East
- Jesus Came To My Birthday Party
- Dan´s Silverleaf
- Hunger Song

- If I Wanted Someone
- Fire Away

The Jayhawks
- Tiny Arrows
- Mockingbird Time
- Guilder Annie
- Blackeyed Susan

Gillian Welch
- Dark Turn Of Mind
- The Way It Goes
- Down Along The Dixie Line

...that´s the way that it goes: everybody´s buying little baby clothes...

Mickey Newbury
- How Many Times (Must The Piper Be Paid For His Song)
- Frisco Depot
- If You Want Me To I´ll Go
- You´re Not My Same Sweet Baby
- Sunshine

Bonnie "Prince" Billy
- Black Ice Cream
- Elesu/Makai No

Derek Web - In The Devils Territory

Joshua James - To Be Alone With You

DM Stith- A Good Man is Hard To Find

Fleet Foxes
- Sim Sala Bim
- Battery Kinzie