Sophia Kennedy: I Can See You; Orange Tic Tac
St. Vincent: Down And Out
Flying Lotus: Intro Yasuke; Black Gold
Dry Cleaning: Scratchyard Lanyard; New Long Leg
Japanese Breakfast: Slide Tackle; Be Sweet
Françoiz Breut: Juste de Passage
Cassandra Jenkins: Crosshair; Hard Drive
Maurice Summen: Ladekabel
Ja, Panik: On Livestream
Jeff Özdemir, Knarf Rellöm & DJ Patex: He's A Woman
International Music: Mysery
Celeste: Stop this Flame
Dawn Richard: Boomerang; Bussifame
Torres: Hug From A Dinosaur; Don't Go Puttin Wishes In My Head
Lonelady: Time Time Time
Bachelor: Stay in the Car
Claud: Soft Spot
Rosie Tucker: Different Animals
BeigeGT: Disco