2021-12-05 /Noisy Le Grand

Christmas Aguilera.


Shot Balowski: Xmas Glam Bang (Instrumental)

Milton DeLugg & The Little Eskimos: Hooray For Santa Claus

The Rory McBrides: (We Like) Eggnog!

Seks Bomba: Double-O Santa

Mariya May: Christmas Everyday

Eli Paperbay Reed: Merry Christmas To Me

Kelly Finnigan: No Time To Be Sad

Kelly Finnigan: Just One Kiss

Kelly Finnigan: Heartbreak For Christmas

Pat Van Dyke & Jeff Taylor: Merry Christmas Baby

What In Your Heart Can Put You In A Trance: We’re Gonna Get Together On Christmas

Olivia Neller: Honey I Fucked Up Christmas

Ette: Spending Christmas Day With My Boy

Kristoff Waltz: The Christmas Waltz

Illuminati Hotties: Xmas Wish List (What We All Asked For)

Juliana Hatfield: Christmas Cactus

Parenthesis…And Acquaintances: The Betsey Gets Me (Christmas Special)

Shark’s Teeth: Small Town Snow Globe Refillery Pt. 2

Shark’s Teeth: Manger Marxist

Shark’s Teeth: Jesus Claus

Shark’s Teeth: Broken Trust In Santa

Zach Malm, James Pants & Bomarr: Christmas Aphasia

Johnny Mathis: Sleigh Ride

The Son(s): Johnny Mathis, 1976

Chelsea Coleman & Madeline Tasquin: The Merry Innocents

Thom Stone: Merry Christmas (What A Hell Of A Year)

Ballboy: Merry Christmas To The Drunks, Merry Christmas To The Lovers

Broken Records: My Beer Drunk Soul Is Sadder Than All The Dead Christmas Trees In The World.