2 x Playlists vom 4.Sonntag im Monat
Superstar Rotation 25. Mai 2024
mit Andreas Wörner
Rhyece O'Neill - Masters of War The Last Dinner Party - Burn Alive The Last Dinner Party - Caesar On A TV Screen The Last Dinner Party - The Feminine Urge The Last Dinner Party - On Your Side The Last Dinner Party - Nothing Matters The Black Keys - Don't Let Me Go The Black Keys - I Forgot To Be Your Lover The Black Keys - Please Me(Till I'm Satisfied) The Black Keys - You'll Pay The Black Keys - Fever Tree Vampire Weekend - Ice Cream Piano Vampire Weekend - Capricorn Vampire Weekend - Hope Grandaddy - Cabin in My Mind Grandaddy - You're Going to Be Fine and I'm
Going to Hell Grandaddy - Watercooler Waxahatchee - 3 Sisters Waxahatchee - Ice Cold Waxahatchee - Right Back To It Waxahatchee - Burns Out At Midnight Waxahatchee - 365 Villagers - You Lucky One Villagers - That Golden Time Villagers - No Drama Ben Folds - Clouds With Ellipses Ben Folds - Kristine From The 7th Grade Ben Folds - Winslow Gardens
Superstar Rotation 28. April 2024
mit Angela und Andreas Wörner
Andy Pratt - Masters of War shame - Fingers Of Steel shame - Orchid shame - Burning By Design bar italia - my little tony bar italia - Real house wibes (desperate house vibes) bar italia - Hi fiver bar italia - Jelsy Maggot Heart - Nil By Mouth Maggot Heart - LBD Maggot Heart - This Shadow Sleater-Kinney - Hell Sleater-Kinney - Needlessly Wild Sleater-Kinney - Hunt You Down Sleater-Kinney - Untidy Creature Musa Dagh - Bossanova USA Musa Dagh - Rhythm Pigs (A.F.M.D.) Musa Dagh - No Future Musa Dagh - 0200 Hours Pearl Jam - Scared Of Fear Pearl Jam - React, Respond Pearl Jam - Wreckage Dark Matter Pearl Jam - Waiting For Stevie Pearl Jam - Got To Give Quasi - Queen Of Ears Quasi - Gravity Quasi - Shitty Is Pretty Quasi - Breaking The Balls Of History Quasi - Doomscrollers