von 19 - 21 Uhr mit Kirstin von der Heydt und Ralf Barthelmes
Talkover Music: Donald Austin * Pea Shooter

Roy Glenn * big high song for somebody

Thriftstore Masterpiece * Son of a gun
Danny White * Natural Soul Brother
The Box Tops * She shot a hole in my soul
The Strange Boys * I See
Deniz Tek * Can of soup
Jackie Harris * No Kind Of Man

Dr. Martin Luther King  * I have a dream
Spacemen 3 * Revolution
Joy & the hot kids * I'm still a child
Shadow of knight * Shake
Les Synapses *

Barkelliters * let me hear you say woof
Andreas Dorau & Justus Köhncke * Bei Manni und Bine
Almut Klotz & Reverend Dabeler * Tausendschön (Im Grunde)
Homer & Jethro * Over the rainbow
Pete & Repeat * But I still do

Voig & Voigt * Tischlein deck Dich
Mina * Se telefonando
Johnny Mondo * Yuri Gagarin
James Knight & The Butlers * There Goes My Baby
Little Esther Phillips * Mojo Hannah
Lefty Frizzell * If You've Got The Money

Primal Scream * I'm Losing More Than I'll Ever Have
Peter Fonda - The Wild Angels (1966)
New York Dolls * Give Her A Great Big Kiss
Gun Club * Sexbeat
Alva Noto & Carl Rühl * uni rec & Der alte Frankforter
Tommy Duncan * Relax And Take It Easy

Tommy Youngblood * Tremble Walk
Irma Thomas * What Are You Trying To Do
Carl Perkins * Country Boy's Dream

Common/Erykah Badu * Love of My Life

Les Synapses * HEUTE 20:30h * Sub Rosa Frankfurt
Reverend Dabeler & Frau Kraushaar "Fotzenfenderschweine" * HEUTE * Blau Mannheim