zum Weltradiotag mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes
Talkover Music: Donald Austin * Pea Shooter

Danny Boy * Kokomo me baby

Helen Troy * I think I love you
Hank Thompson * A sixpack to go
King Coleman  Dressed in plaid
FSK * Was kostet die Welt

Strange Boys * Be brave
Lyres * No reasons to complain
Voigt & Voigt * Tischlein deck dich
Theo Krieger & Christl Pullmann * Allo allo

The Asteroids * Satellite
Tommy Duncan * Relax and take it easy
Dr. Bontempi's Snake Oil Company * Burnt toast & black coffee
The O' Jays * Lipstick traces (on a cigarette)

The Wild Angels * Peter Fonda (1966)
Rolls Royce & the Wheels * Topless
Fats Domino * I'm ready
The Scene is now * Yellow Sarong
Nancy Holloway * Tu n'es pas venu

Merle Haggard * The longer you wait to leave me

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