mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes
Talkover Music: Donald Austin * Pea Shooter


Garnet Mimms * As long I have you

The Blues against youth * wish pile blues

The Dramatics * Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get

Ted Taylor * i lost the best thing I ever had

FSK * Viel Zu Viel

King Salami & the cumberland 3 * Looking for my pigs 

Jetzt! * Kommst Du mit in den Alltag


Merle Haggard * Too Many Bridges To Cross Over

Windshield * Levin' a friend

Tyrone Davis * I Wish It Was Me

Clarence "Frogman" Henry * I told my pillow 

Deux * Decandence

Cool Funeral * Je m'en fous


The Division men * Cut away your mistakes

The other people place * Let Me Be Me

The Vapors * Turning Japanese

Swell Maps * Let's Build a Car

The howling Max Messer Show * Wild man

James Knight & The Butlers * There Goes My Baby 


Mississippi Fred McDowell * Someday baby 

World * Bo Diddley

Carolyn Sullivan * Dead

Maiorano * Give me a fix

Daniel Johnston * God Only Knows

The Zombies * I love you


The Satelliters * People think 

The Sonics * Do you love me

Johnny Cash * Further On Up the Road

The Troggs * Hi hi Hazel

Slum Village * Selfish

* end of show




The Blues against Youth * HEUTE 28.09.18 * Dreikönigskeller 

The Satelliters * 05.10.18 * Dreikönigskeller

The Sonics * 14.10.18 * Das Bett