von 19 - 21 Uhr mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes
Talkover Music: Yusef Lateef * Love theme from "Spartacus"

Sophie Zelmani * Time to kill

Alex Gibson * Hurt
Robert Forster * Tell me that it isn't true
South Filthy * Old brush arbors
The Nirvana Devils * Hellbound Train
The Felice brothers * Frankie's gun!
Flogging Molly * Drunken lullabies
Redskins * 99 1/2 (won't do)

Robert Forster * From ghost town
Sophie Zelmani * Yeah, Okey
Walter Ulbricht * Die Monotonie des Yeah Yeah Yeah
Supersuckers * Goodbye
Pussy Galore * Dick Johnson
The Stems * Tears me in two
The Beatles * Back in the U.S.S.R.
The Monkees * Michigan Blackhawk

Moog Skywalker & ZappendusteR * Lazerboogie
Benny Benassi * I am not drunk (J.E.M.C. Remix)
Programme * Whatever for whoever
DM Bob & Country Jem * Who put the cunt in cuntrey
Bobby Bare * I'm her hoss if I never win a race
Merle Haggard * Sing me back home
Randy Newman * Birmingham

Ernst Busch * Lied der Partei
The Raveonettes * Dead sound
Fire Hydrant Men featuring the fabulous Fezettes * 99 years in sing-sing
The Music Explosion * I see the light
Baby you know * Do I really have to say it?
Virgin Prunes * Down the memory lane
The Triffids * Bury me deep in love

Spiritualized * Soul on fire
Wolf Wondratschek * Toter Mann im Westen (gelesen von Otto Sander)
Heavy Trash * That ain't right
Johnny Cash * 25 minutes to go