von 19 - 21 Uhr mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes
Talkover Music: Bert Kaempfert * Bye Bye Blues

Kazuhiko Kato * Arther's Boutique

The Violent Femmes * American Music
Sham 69 * You're a better man than I
The Vulgar Boatmen * You're the one
The Tellers * Toodoo
Eddie Spaghetti * Some people say
Ray LaMontagne * You are the best thing
Johnny Nash * Ooh baby you been good to me

O.V. Wright * Ace of spades
Motorhead * Ace of spades
Motorhead * When the eagle screams
Peter Lauch und die Regenpfeifer * Das kommt vom Rudern, das kommt vom Segeln
The Felice brothers * Whiskey in my Whiskey
Eilen Jewell * High shelf booze
Heavy Trash * Pure Gold

Howe Gelb * Get to leave
Nina Simone * Don't let me be misunderstood
The Vietnam Veterans * Gary Cooper's trip
Isaac Hayes * Ike's Rap 2 (R.I.P.)
Visioneers * Ike's Mood 1
Paris * The devil made me do it
Two lone swordsmen * Sex beat
Nick Cave & the bad seeds * Lie down here (& be my girl)
Unknown chinese youth choir * unknown track
Popchor Berlin * For my people (Missy Elliott cover)
Bernadette la Hengst * Rockerbraut & Mutter

Robert Forster * The Evangelist
Sophie Zelmani * Most of the time
The White Stripes * (ft. Holly Golightly) * Well it's true that we love another

* * * End of show

Popchor Berlin * For my people (Flittchen Records)
da lang → www.myspace.com/therealpopchorberlin

28.09.08 Sophie Zelmani * Mousonturm Frankfurt
30.09.08 Robert Forster * Mousonturm Frankfurt