Mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes

Grant Hart * 2541

Double Diamond commercial
The Black Angels * Young men dead
Viagra Boys * Girls & Boys
Bo Diddley * Bo meets the monster
The Ring A Dings * Snacky Poo
Evelyn Freeman * Didn't it rain

Marvin Gaye * Mercy mercy me
Don Covay * Mercy, mercy
I Ribelli * Lei M'ama
Handsome Family * The Song of a hundred toads
Phoebe Kreutz * Country right now
The Nirvana Devils * Pure fun

Dan Penn * The Puppet aka I'm your puppet
James & Bobby Purify * I'm your puppet
Elvis * I love you because
Don Marco & die kleine Freiheit * Leon Russell
Timmy Thomas * Coldest day of my live
Les Surfs * Écoute cet air-là

Townes van Zandt * Dirty old town
Nikki Sudden & Dave Kusworth * Into my arms
The Notwist * Exit strategy to myself
Baby Woodrose * Caught in a whirl
The Specials * Enjoy yourself
Richard Anthony * J'irai twister Le blues

Los Pops * No no no
Pierre Raymonde * Kinky Chorus Kick and Flash (erotic aerobics)
Viagra Boys * Sports
Piccadilly Circus * Till I get to the top
The Shadows of Knight * Bad little woman
William Bell * I forgot to be your lover

Merle Haggard * I'll always know
The Supremes * Floy Joy
Dean Martin * Everybody loves somebody

*** end of show