Mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes

Anita Lane & Nick Cave * Bedazzled

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds * From her to eternity
Anita Lane * The world's a girl   *  R.I.P.
Mick Harvey & Anita Lane * 69 Erotic year
Anita Lane * Lost in Musik
Soft Cell * Metro Mr. X
Bill Drummond * I'm the king of joy

Augie Meyers * Hey Baby Kep Pa So
Clifton Chenier * Boppin' the Rock
Jack Reno * Nine stitches
Billy Hamlin * If you ain't got no bread
Johnny Guitar Watson * Big bad wolf
Billy Fury * What do you think you're doing of 

Dashiell Hedayat * Long song for Zelda
Jerry Jeff Walker * Up against the wall redneck mother
Jeannie C. Riley * Harper Valley P.T.A.
Osvaldo Fresedo * Mas Alla Uvia
Lucio Demare * Solamente Ella
Perry Como * Glendora

The Morning Dew * Go away
Los Malinches * Piel de Lince
Silas Hogan * Just give me a chance
The Dynels * Boyfriend
Bizz Markie * Make the Music with your Mouth
Jessie Hill * Ooh Poo Pah Doo

François Bernheim * Tom
David Coleman * Drown my heart
Denny Reed * Hot water
Strange Boys * Be brave
Reigning Sound * A little more time
Funny van Dannen * Psychiater

Milva * Canzone  *  R.I.P.
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds * Death is not the end

*** end of show