Mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes

Bobby "Blue" Bland * This Time I'm Gone For Good (live)

Reigning Sound * Since when
Camper van Beethoven * Sweethearts
Jack OblivIan & the Sheiks * Runnin from the law
The Carter Family * Hello Stranger
Alex the Astronaut * Holes in the sky
Garnet Mimms * As long I have you

Bob Dorough * 3 is a magic number
Little Nat * Do this do that
Hallo Werner Clan * Werner Bossa
Ornella Vanoni * Coccodrillo
Jane Birkin * Lolita go home
Richard Hertel * Patatras Hola

The Beasts * Monkey town
Trend * Ernüchterung bleibt
Los Fossiles * Nena
Dr. John * Mama Roux
The Black Lips * Rumbler
Buck Owens * Close up the Honky Tonks

Public Enemy * He Got game
Ian Kay * Clown
Bo Didley * Road Runner
The Soul Surfers * Cannon Ball
Benny Spellmann * Lipstick Traces
Marsha Gee * Peanut Duck

The Recalls * Down to the river
Paul Martin * It happened
Creations * I've paid my dues

William Bell * You don't miss your water
The Byrds * You don't miss your water
The Triffids * You don't miss your water (till your well runs dry)

San Antonio Kid * shakedown
Moondog * Caribea

*** end of show



  • The Recalls
    09.07.21 Berlin
    10.07.21 Mannheim
    11.07.21 Frankfurt Dreikönigskeller + vonderheydt dynamite & Leonor Carrionette on turntables
  • The Black Lips
    04.12.2021 Liège Belgien