"Neues aus dem Wasteland mit Reiner Bös"

BOOK OF AIR VVOLK- Se (in) De Bos (Sub Rosa 2018)

01. NOVA MOB- persuaded (Grant Hart-Tribute)
v.A. "The Last Days of Pompeii" (Rough Trade 1991)
02. NATHAN BOWLES- now if you remember
03. NATHAN BOWLES- the road reversed
beide v.A. "Plainly Mistaken" (Paradise Of Bachelors 2018)
04. GLENN JONES- the last passenger pigeon
05. GLENN JONES- from Frederick to Fredricksburg
beide v.A. "The Giant Who Ate Himself... " (Thrill Jockey 2018)

06. ANDREW TUTTLE- sodermalm syndrome
07. ANDREW TUTTLE- garden development
beide v.A. "s/t" (Room40 2018)
08. GEIR SUNDSTOL- leben
09. GEIR SUNDSTOL- kulten
beide v.A. "Brodlos" (Hubro 2018)
10. JULIA REIDY- jfai
v.A. "Beholder" (Room40 2018)

11. HEATHER LEIGH- prelude to goddess
12. HEATHER LEIGH- soft seasons
beide v.A. "Throne" (Editions Mego 2018)
13. KIM MYHR- passing through
v.A. "Pressing Clouds Passing Crowds " (Hubro 2018)
14. CAT POWER- in your face
15. CAT POWER- nothing really matters
16. CAT POWER- me voy
alle v.A. "Wanderer" (Domino 2018)

17. RIVULETS- everything goes
18. RIVULETS- not today
19. RIVULETS- you can never come back
alle v.A. "In Our Circle" (Talitres 2018)
20. DEERHOOF- music for strings, percussion...
21. DEERHOOF- midnight, the stars and you
beide von der 7" "Deerhoof Plays Music of The Shining" ( Famous Class 2018)